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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Entrecard introduce aTokens.com

Another virtual currency is available online, Entrecard introduces aTokens.com! aTokens.com is a brand new “social currency” start up aimed to bring some fun into the virtual currency world. aTokens is a virtual appreciation token that means “thank you”. The idea is that you send them to other users as a token of appreciation for being a friend, something they helped you with or service they provided you, or anything. There’s so many things to be thankful for!

atokens.com is a virtual currency like Entrecredits. The idea is simple, you can give appreciation tokens (aTokens) to anyone as a way to say thank you. Here are the benefits:

1) Anyone can join (You don't need a blog or website)
2) No tax or fees for giving/receiving tokens
3) Use the tokens for contests, products or services, or simply to build relationships
4) A great way to network with others and build followers

Visit: Join now at http://atokens.com/

aTokens.com is owned and operated by ZipRunner, Inc.. You can even login with your Twitter ID! Looks interesting, will it catch on like entrecard? Try it out!

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