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Monday, November 15, 2010

New Floor in Ayala Center Cebu

Have you visited the new floor in Ayala Center Cebu lately? There is a New Floor in Ayala Center Cebu. Well technically 2 new floors. If you can remember, there are about 4 floors in Ayala Center Metro Department store. Now there are 2 new additions which includes an extended department store after the Appliances floor and the last floor which is shown above as a Food Court Style Area.

Aside from the various food available there, there is a small part or portion which is a mini-gaming area and at the same time a small activity center with a stage. And what I like it here is that it has free WIFI and bright lights while different food stalls are abundantly within reach. An alternative place to Chill, surf and probably work-blog!!!

Visit the New Floor in Ayala Center Cebu now to see for yourself!

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