Hello, my name is Vernon Joseph Go. I'm a Corporate Madhatter wearing many different hats: Financial Planner | Real Estate Broker | Content Creator | Industrial Engineer

In this blog you will find - Personal thoughts, Travel and also about Personal Finance as well as the "Lazy Investing Way".

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If you’re looking for a speaker, check out Speaking information page. I speak on various topics relating to personal finance, social media, blogging, cyber wellness, youth advocacy, Industrial Engineering, ideas and the like.

What Vernon has done...
If you’re wondering why you’re even bothering to read anything Vernon says or writes, here are a few bullet points of things that he’s done in his past that might be relevant or not:
  • Created and operated an on and off blog since 2004 via friendstermultiply then finally through blogger last 2008 and wordpress. (Got into serious blogging because of  the guerilla blogger)
  • Did some Event Coverages in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (Manila-Cebu-Davao)
  • Collaborated with various firms/brands. See my Media Kit.
  • Engaged in volunteer and developmental works in the community
Special Thanks to OrvilleBryan Karl, and ate Pibsz for there assistance when I was still starting out in building this Blog.

Also, I just finished writing this book:

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