Basilica del Santo Niño

Yesterday, my ISP went crazy and provided no internet service so I was not able to blog, it kind of made me think whether or not to switch to another ISP or Wi-fi. Last Tuesday, me and two of my friends decided to go to church in the Basilica del Santo Niño to pay our pilgrimage. Well, the Traffic was “normal” (Meaning it was nerve racking) for the season since some of the roads were closed to make way for the high number of people going there. When we arrived there, all of us were hungry because we forgot to have our snacks at school, due to our excitement I guess. We rushed to buy some finger food and water because the mass has started already.

During the mass, one could not help but admire the beautiful decorations and the astounding number of students that have come to see mass. Well most of those that can be identified were the ones wearing uniforms nursing/non-nursing students. It was around 4:00 PM in the afternoon and in the mass I thought that I would not make it since we were facing the sun. I was sweaty, a little dizzy, thirsty, fatigued and I had a headache due to the heat. At times I thought I would faint and suddenly a thought crossed my mind and I reflected over it. I came there not just to pay pilgrimage but also to thank the Santo Niño for the blessings that has been bestowed upon my family and to ask forgiveness for missing mass last Sunday.

I knew although I was feeling like this, I had no right to complain or to whine about it. I decided to simply to continue on with the mass with singing and offer this pain to the Santo Niño. I did not look at the priest but I simply listened and sang when it was time to sing. And when the mass was over, I felt a little tired still, but I felt for some reason Happier as if a load was lifted upon my shoulders. This experience might not compare to other amazing miracles, but I consider this as “my miracle”, perhaps a reward for my faith and determination and I was most certainly felt a great deal of satisfaction to be there.

After the mass, I took some photos of the area here and there as posted in the blog and afterwards we decided to visit the Basilica del Santo Niño Museum which is located beside the open church area. Although it is small, It was a sight to see because of all the Centuries Old documents, Manuscripts (Letters from Deeds, list of expenses and purchases, Book of Acts, Book of Masses, Spanish to Visayan & English to Visayan Dictionaries, Press Releases), there were even documents signed by Abraham lincoln from the U.S.A, in Europe from the King of Spain and from the Vatican by Pope John Paul II. Also there was a Centuries Old bronze and a Wooden Tabernacle, Oil and Panel Wood Paintings, Wooden furniture, cross, musical instruments, wooden Lecturne and the like. There were also some vestments that were used by the priests and of the Santo Niño dating back to the Spanish era, old bronze jeweled chalices and crosses, a coat of arms and lots of offerings of the devotees coming from all over the world (From foreign jewelry to currencies).

Also there were old, modern and digital photo documentations ranging from the Fluvial parade, Basilica renovations and of course of the “Original” Santo Niño. Well I would have loved to have pictures but picture taking and video recording are not permitted in the museum, the only picture I got was of the entrance. I would suggest that you go see the Basilica, the museum and the Santo Niño for yourself and feel the wonder and joys of the knowing Cebu’s rich Cultural and Religious history.

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