Sunday Recap

I was supposedly scheduled to wake up early since there was an activity at school (even if it is Sunday – IE Sportsfest), But I woke up late and ended up arriving there at 11am. I played basketball and after lunch rested and played an hour of DoTA (Warcraft 3: Defense of the Ancients). When we came back, I ended up participating in a “Mini – Amazing Race” inside the campus. It was very tiring and obviously since we were not prepared, we got last place! LOL.

Our basketball team took 2nd place against the sophomores (They were so Tall!) and After the awarding ceremony I went off to SM City Cebu without realizing I forgot to attend mass. The first thing I noticed was that the Sinulog Fever is out, there was a Sinulog Bazaar / Trade Fair, Sinulog Exhibits on its History and of the Santo Niño. After going to each place, I decided to go into the North Wing and see whether how many new stores have opened.

One new shop that caught my attention was this one, Crumpler. Its basically an American company that is just franchised here, I think. Anyway, I kind of like the style and design of there products but the problem is the price!!! I guess it’s a direct conversion from dollar to Peso, but if you have lots of money and you like there style then this shop is for you! Its in SM City Cebu, North Wing Area.

After that I saw PowerBooks, I went to find that famous Hand Stitched “Expensive” Notebook (I forgot what its brand name). I saw one or two but the one I saw in another blog was no longer there, I guess all the good ones have been bought already. But anyway they are having a Sinulog Sale (Other shops are having sales too – just assuming) and the Discounts are at 20% for Selected Books and 50% off for the Assorted ones.

Also, when you move to the lobby or is it the Atrium area, there’s this soothing music where people relax, rest, sit, and listen. I guess these performances are usually during the weekends, take a look.

So many things I would like to buy: that Crumpler side bag, Hand stitched Notebook and a cool design Sinulog T-shirt from Island Souvenirs. It sucks that when I developed a liking to a product, this usually happens when I am on a crisis or I simply have no money...and when I have cash there is nothing interesting for me to spend on. Hopefully when the Sinulog comes I have enough money to go shopping.

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  1. powerbooks in ayala center cebu?! sweettt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. actually its in SM City Cebu not in ayala...but anyway thanks for viewing my post ^_^