After Run Jollibee meal

J-bee Minglanilla Branch
Jollibee is always langhap sarap for me, I have worked in Jollibee in the past and basically grew up knowing Jollibee. But I rarely eat or taste their breakfast meals. This time, I had a chance to try it out though after my morning exercise+walk+Jogging+Hiking Ritual.

I tried the Meal 4 which is composed of Garlic Rice + Soft drinks + Hotdog + Egg. Sounds and looks simple enough to make at home right? You are right but the thing that we don't have at home are high-end kitchen equipments and tools. One thing I like about their egg is its just cooked right and I actually know how they do it and the tools they use. Aside from that, the hotdog is steamed which I prefer and in my opinion much more tasty than the fried version.
After Run Jollibee meal After Run Jollibee meal Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Rating: 5

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