Colon After Elections Clean up

Colon Street from Parian

Cebu Bloggers' Society has started to advocate "BSR" or Bloggers' Social Responsibility in which the Colon After Elections Clean up event is in line to it as well. Although not big, we hope to create more small ripples that shall eventually have a collective effect in society.

Most people think that bloggers are just some geeks who join events, sit down on their desktop/laptop and type nonsense or sometimes posts that make sense; Complain or react about current events and the world; Earns money online and could not care about what normal working people do; a competitor of traditional media wherein some journalists would like to devour; But ultimately bloggers are merely people, people who give a damn about what's going on and ready to act upon something that can create impact big or small.

As much as a blogger can create his or her own community, we too can build a new Nation or perhaps build a better nation as we lead and take the positions of "Flag Bearers" in making our country a better place to live in. In that way, we bloggers can be considered as public servants in such a way that we really normally do not ask for anything in return when sharing information to our social networks or anyone who we come across with. The internet reaches almost all areas of the world. Blog posts through the internet passed and spread through social networks and add to that a goal to serve will result to something very beneficial not just for our community, country but overall our world.

Now back to the clean up, we chose specifically Colon because its the heart of cebu's old business district; add to that its historical significance wherein it is the Oldest street in the Philippines.

So basically we are hitting 7 birds with one stone, meaning through one activity we addressed / tackled / promote multiple issues namely: Political (Cleaning after politicians w/o pay), Environmental (Do your part for our environment), Cultural and historical Appreciation (Colon is part of our culture and history and we should maintain and promote it), Youth' Role in Nation building and by sharing and blogging about this, it is a form of Education and Tourism for readers or the general public!

1st Challenge

Our route basically started at the Parian Area, near the Parian monument then towards near zulueta and then to colon. Although we were unable to clean the whole Colon street, it was still good to have cleaned up a good number of political candidates' posters in the area.

Lessons Learned:
1. Dili lalim mangos-kos
2. The more, the merrier and the faster and the larger coverage area
3. Doing ordinary things, extraordinarily
4. We should encourage by standers to join us >_<
5. Naa tato nag dala DSLR aron na cguro mutabang nga nasa kilidx2 nga ga tambay ra
6. Hands are not enough, you need a Kos-kos tool, any will do
7. We cleaned one wall which had 3-4 layers of some point I got pissed, but enjoyed 8. attacking the faces on the posters
9. It's a good full body exercise and stress reliever
10.As advised by the city government personnel, its better to do it at dawn
11.More promotion and proper scheduling and coordination
12.Invite other sectors/groups

About Colon: (Wikipedia)
Colon Street is a crowded street in downtown Cebu City that is often called the oldest street in the Philippines. It is named after Christopher Columbus. It traces its origins to the town plan by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the Spanish conquistador who arrived in the Philippines to establish a colony in 1565.Colon, a bit run-down now, was the site of fashionable shops, offices and movie houses. It was once the heart of Cebu City's shopping and business activity, but in recent years much of this activity has shifted inland to uptown areas.

In 2006, the Cebu City Council proposed a plan to close parts of Colon street from vehicular traffic and convert it to a tourism zone. However, this was met with much opposition from businessmen and motorists due to concerns regarding security and parking spaces. 

About Parian:
Parian is known to be a notorious area in Cebu. But this is not to say that this area must be totally avoided. The area is very rich historically and culturally as well as promoted by the Gabii sa Kabilin: A Night of Heritage one night tour of multiple (9) museums. The Parian Monument is to be attributed as it showcases the art depicting the history of Cebu in rather unusual arcs from the Pre-Spanish to 19th century revolution. The monument is something that cebuanos should be proud off and must share to any foreigners they know.

whoohoo, kos-kos, pasingot..

Special thanks to the City Government who provided additional manpower, water, truck, garbage bags, tools, and also Thank you to Engr Gualiza of Department of Public Service (sakto ba?) of Cebu City Government for the assistance on the Cebu Bloggers Society After-Election Clean Up.

CBSi + City Government Reps.

You missed a spot.. ;)

Fruits of our labor

Thank you pud sa Six (6) participants namely: Clarence Mongado, Vernon Joseph Go, Mikyu Maglasang, Orville Tadle, Kriztian Etulle and Mark Monta! :D

Stay tuned to the next Bloggers' Social Responsibility Event! :D

Photo Credit: Mark Monta
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  1. ataka, nganong starring mn au ku dha? nanilhig, nagtanga. pagka! XD

  2. well-written post!

    CBS should be commended on this effort. This shows how one or a group of like-minded individuals can make a difference for the betterment of the society. Cleaning the streets and tearing up the posters plastered on walls seem daunting. One can experience how a sanitary personnel can do the job with less regard on the pollution ubiquitous on an area where smoke-belching vehicles abound.

    To Vernon, Mark and the CBS members, thank you for taking the initiative. I may not be a resident of Cebu City, but I have great regards to things that involve Cebu particularly on the culture and things that have impact to tourism.