Business Card Trial Version?

During the CBC 2010, an experimentation occurred which led me to do a Business Card Trial Version Test. Business cards play a vital role in marketing for your services and products. These are very essential networking tools, which can bring many targeted customers and deals towards your your business. The main thing which is considered to be best in business cards are quality and design. Just by picking the cheapest design in business cards from some local print shop, you are making a big mistake.

Layout factors of a business card :
Always keep this in mind that your business card must be creative, unique and professional. While selecting the layout, follow certain business standards like keep enough space and use readable fonts so that printing appear clearly visible and neat. Regarding the font size, background color and background image, this is completely your choice. You can also put a small photograph if you want.

Business cards printing:
This is one of the most major part in business cards. The quality of print used should be best in terms of sharpness, crispness, visibility and readability. It must be like the customer takes few seconds to view the card.

Positive Feedback? hahah

But I did not apply all the things mentioned above since it would not matter what I think, but what other people think who will receive the card! hahaha! So far we have positive feedbacks, but will change it in the near future though, so stay tuned and wait for the Business Card Trial Version EVOLVED FORM?!

Special Thanks to Prince and Clado!

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  1. great!

    I wanted to bring business cards during CBC but I failed.

    Do you have recommendation of the best shop that does the BC printing at the lowest price possible?

  2. LOL! Maghimo jud diay ug entry? Well, it's a personalized one. With matching photo. Good thing, you have that idea coz I have that one as well! hehehe...