My Speech During our Ringhop Ceremony

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart”

Message to the CIT-IE Faculty
Vanguards 2009 Ringhop Ceremony
Cebu Grand Hotel, Escario St. , Cebu City
Saturday, October 04, 2008

Kining orasa, ato nang pasalamatan ang atong mga ambungan ug maanyag nga magtutudlo…

In order to succeed, we must first believe we can; but how can we believe in ourselves when no one believes in us first? Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow students, dear parents, that is the role of our beloved teachers. It is to believe and help us become more than what we are and also to be able to develop our potential.

Teachers affect eternity; they affect eternity because to teach is to touch lives forever.

But before I deliver the message to our faculty, it would be fitting to first explain to the parents what IE (for those who don’t now) is all about. I will not say the definition of IE according to the Institute of Industrial Engineers for it would be too technical, instead let’s have an example:

Understanding Industrial Engineers…A group of professionals were gathered together discussing the possible design of a cybernetic entity…

The graduate with a science degree asks, "How does it work?"

The graduate with an Information Technology degree asks, "How would it function?"

The graduate with an Accounting degree asks, "How much will it cost?"

The graduate with a Business degree asks, "Will it be Profitable?"

The graduate with a Law degree asks, "Is it Contrary to Law?"

The graduate with an arts degree asks, "Why does it work?”

The graduate with a Health Care degree asks, "Will it benefit people around the world?"

The graduate with a Mechanical Engineering degree asks, "How would it move?"

The graduate with an Electrical Engineering degree asks, "Does it need electrical connections?"

The graduate with a Chemical Engineering degree asks, "Does it require chemical processes?"

The graduate with an Electronics and Communications Engineering degree asks, "How often should it undergo maintenance & troubleshooting?"

The graduate with a Civil Engineering degree asks, "How would a toxic waste pipeline run through the recreational area?"

The graduate with a Management degree asks, "Is it economical?"

And the graduate with a Industrial Engineering degree asks, ALL OF THE ABOVE!


Although that was a little exaggerated, but my point is that, that is the amount of work an IE would do.

Now to continue…William Arthur Ward said… “The Mediocre teacher tells; The good teacher explains; the superior teacher demonstrates; And the great teacher Inspires” …

(Short pause)

…And we are most definitely lucky to have the Best Industrial Engineering Teachers in Cebu, the members of the CIT-IE Department. They teach not from the book, but from the heart. Also, they not only teach us IE lessons, but also Life lessons.

Now I shall take a few words from Rick Warren, Author of the book: A purpose driven life (Although I added some of my own words in it)…

“They say teachers are our second parents in school, and they most definitely deserve the title. They give their time, which is in a way giving away a portion of one’s life that can never be given back. Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Relationships take time & effort, and the best way to spell love is T-I-M-E, because the essence of love is not what we think or do or provide for others, but how much we give of ourselves.”

And now, a message to our faculty members both present and not…

To Engr. Din M. Corbita, although I was not under you sir I shall convey the message from your students…kumusta na imong Julies bakeshop sir! Hopefully some of us may be able to work there someday…

To Engr. Genevieve G. Arias, may you continue to be the mother for the CIT-IE students.

To Engr. Aries M. Rivero, may you continue to teach & shower us with more information technology trends & practices in relation to our course…

To Engr. Lyndon Jayme, rest assured we will search for Blue Oceans and try to minimize entering into competition, but we will still do a little of it but we will most definitely foster and practice the spirit of cooperation.

To Engr. Nendell Hanz R. Corbeta, may you inspire us more & hopefully provide more food delights!

To Engr. Zosimo Monsanto, be you be in fiji or wherever you are now sir, we hope you are safe and enjoying yourself.

To Engr. Cornelio G. Duaso, may you continue to inspire and amaze more CIT-IE students with your colorful experiences in life.

To Engr. Caroline M. Pateres, wala sad ko na-under ni ma’am pero she was one of our panelists during our IRP Oral-validation, and although na-kulatahan mi ug na speechless mi sa iyang pagka-maldita…we acknowledged the fact that she knew what she was talking about and we sure did learn a lot from that one-time encounter alone, unsa nakaha kung ma-under nagyud ming tanan niya sa? Hehehe hopefully she can share her experiences and knowledge in her field for the students to come.

To Engr. Gilryan S. Nario, although I was not under you sir, I will pass on the message from your students, “smile sad tawn sir…saying imung pagka gwapo..!!! hehehe”

To Engr. Raul Raymond A. Kapuno, I was not under him as well, and the message from his students is…we are grateful to have had the opportunity to have spent time & have experience your teachings…

To Atty. Zigfred Diaz, the most odd character among the bunch and yet the most knowledgeable in terms of current trends not just in Law but also in internet, Local & world news, business practices or books and the like…and hopefully someday we become as successful as you are sir!

To Mr. Marietto N. Jurcales, we have learned to appreciate the importance of cost analysis and accounting in the industry and in our field and we thank you for that.

To Ms. Rhodariza L. Alpuerto, we learned a lot with regards to human behavior and personnel management, and also for the emphasis in following rules and regulations…hehehe…

To Arch. Jose S. Bañez our former IE chair, thank you for the memories and your message through Engr. Jayme and “Although we are apart, our thoughts and hearts are always with you!”

And to end this speech I shall be sharing my own personal message…

~huh?...Aw…Si Sir Alein DIAY NAKALIMTAN!!!

…To Engr. Alein B. Navares…thank you for the torture…for the river of tears…the eye bags and for your inspiring quotes and may you continue to make more mistakes for the betterment of not just the IE department but also for your students to come…

(Back to my Personal Message)

I have many things I want to do in the near or distant future. “I want to be a teacher someday, when I am old perhaps; I want to be an astronaut; I want to be an entrepreneur and have my own group of companies; I also want to go get and eat 31 scoops of ice cream with different flavors!"

ah~hh...if only I have 5 lives or 5 lifetimes, then I can be born at different times and places, eat different things for those 5 times…have 5 different type of jobs…and…for those lifetimes...I'll still choose the same course (Industrial Engineering) FIVE TIMES.

In behalf of my batch mates (The Vanguards 2008-2009), I would like to say: "Although Thank you is an overused word and way to express gratitude, but the most sincerest word that we can say right now is THANK YOU!"

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  1. Was der during the ceremony... Nice speech... Kulbaan lang ko kay u forgot sir alein:D

  2. wahahahahahah.....wa ra ba to tuyu-a, hapit gyud kalimtan

  3. waaaaaaaa! maestro d ai sa CIT si Gilryan Nario? waa! cool! kauban mana namo sa company.. aheheh

  4. hahahaha...five lifetimes...anyways, congratulations...

  5. hehehehe a very nice speech indeed. Maayo nga wala ko didto kay maka hilak unta ko :-)

    In honestly, the speech you wrote was very good and I believe comes from the bottom of your heart.

    Next to integrity, I believe the best character a person must have is passion. Passion to learn. Passion to be open to new ideas and to approach and see the world with a mind akin to that of an empty glass waiting to be filled. You have that my friend, so keep up the good work !

  6. good speech. i'll try to be an inspiring teacher :)

  7. sigh!

    grabe...i felt like i was watching a movie while i read ur speech. maka imagine jd ko...

    pero atik ra man 2ng kalimtan c sir alein bah...hehe


  9. haha Gilryan Nario and Alein Navares both got their masters degree in USJ-R.. it only shows USJ-R IE teachers are the best.. ^_^V

  10. 1. i doubt if the two of them would agree because if it is so then why did they not take up BSIE in USJR.

    2. i doubt if the two of them were even under any USJR IE teacher (except perhaps then Dean Dr. Evangelista)

    3. i doubt if your claim is either conclusive or justifiable. accessibility or availability may be the reason for such choice.



  11. huwow!!! standing ovation jud ang show! pakpak jud ko!!!

    nindot pagkahimo ang speech. Vernon for President! hehe :D

  12. Wow. What a good speech you have there. Can i send the link of this article so that my friend will have a reference on how to make a ringhop spech. He will be giving a speech this monday and he does'nt have any idea on what to put in his speech..

  13. nicely done..

    proud to be an IE..proud to be a Technologian.

  14. sa speech pa lang klaro jud na IE...too idealistic, i don't think other professionals don't have the same questioning attitude like an IE does...that's why too exaggerated jud, don't forget teachers do teach coz that's what they are paid for..ang pagka-idealistic lang jud ninyo noh...AMATEUR...Then naa pud comment na best teachers ang USJ-R kay didto nag-school ang teachers sa CIT...don't be an idiot of course kay USJ-R, USC ra man ang naay masteral sa IE if naa pa ang CIT adto jud ng mga teachers sa CIT kana pa wala silay bayad...Mao lessons here, dili magpasagad ug comment kay SURVIVAL of the FITTEST and bottom line after mo.graduate and you may spell it as "BE REALISTIC"...

    CIT-IE \2005

  15. To CIT-IE\2005:

    I beg to disagree, you placed your comments out of context. It's a ring hop ceremony, precisely you honor your teachers as the best conditional kung asa ka nag-eskwela, in this case, sa CIT. Kung sa probability pa na:


    or ang expected value sa pagka-best sa mga teachers conditional pud na sa nagsulti nga estudyante kung asa siya nga eskwelahan. In other words, it's true from the person's point of view, not necessarily sa imoha or in general.

    Funny that you mentioned sa Survival of the Fittest and Realistic. Sadly napud, dili causal ang imong claim kay being realistic might be applicable to some, but not applicable to all.

    You've heard people like Larry Page or Sergey Brin or Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Kung wala ko nasayop, these guys are idealistic -- in fact, ang idealism-meter just shot up to infinity -- because they were crazy enough to pursue their dreams. And there are people in CIT - not all - who could be the next best thing. And if wala nato ni sila gitagaan og higayon nga i-encourage nato sila, then we just shut a door for them.

    I agree, life's a bitch but there are some people who need people that can open doors for them. Mao ra sad na ang gibuhat sa mga teachers sa CIT. And besides, it's your freedom, "being realistic" and all, nga kung nagbuka ang pultahan sa imong atubangan og dili nimo sudlan, imoha na nang desisyon.

    Ang importante ra man gyud ana is kung naa ka'y gihimo nga desisyon, panindigan nimo kung makaya.

    While you look up to the sky to look at the stars, you can always rest your feet on the ground. Thus, you can always dream big while making sure you are grounded.

    Two cents lang.