Yahoo's New Look

Yahoo's new look has just been released. It's "New-ness" quickly caught my attention which somewhat is not so like the yahoo i've known. Yahoo's decision to change it's look is somewhat annoying for me, I think they have changed it 3 times already. Although this new look is less cluttered in my opinion and has more emphasis in certain areas unlike the first two (2) looks (If my memory is correct).

Easy navigation on the commonly used applications (Like mail, horoscope and etc.) are applied. Color contrast and fewer Flash ads are provided, easy on the eyes and its simplicity makes it better.

Is this yahoo's response to the ever continuing "BATTLE OF THE SEARCH ENGINES" by adopting another New look?

What do you think?
Yahoo's New Look Yahoo's New Look Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Friday, October 17, 2008 Rating: 5

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