Benefits of 5S

5S is customarily implemented in connection with a Kaizen, lean manufacturing, or continuous improvement program. However, 5S can be a stand-alone program often. 5S is discussed in the context of Kaizen, Lean Production or Continuous Improvement techniques as used in manufacturing. Nevertheless, the 5S should work in any environment: the workplace, your home, your PC filing system or even your own head.

The Benefits of 5S

  • Greater efficiency in achieving goals
  • Greater readiness for new tasks
  • Fewer hazards
  • Less spending on replacing lost or damaged items
  • Less stress
  • Greater self-esteem
  • More space

Seiri: Tidiness

The Practice of Seiri

Sort through everything in the workplace / home:

  • Keep the essential.
  • Store the useful.
  • Discard everything else.

Discarding should be without regret, for everything that is left should promote productivity.

The Benefits of Seiri

  • Fewer hazards
  • Less clutter to interfere with productive work
  • Simplification of tasks
  • Effective use of space
  • Careful purchasing of items

Seiton: Orderliness

The Practice of Seiton

“A place for everything & everything in its place”.

Organize and designing your home / workplace to promote efficiency. Arrange tools and materials in assigned places where they can be accessed quickly, thus promoting work flow.

  • Keep tools and equipment where they will be used.
  • Order items to eliminate ‘extra motion’.
  • Allocate a location to each item.
  • Label each location to identify what is kept there.

The Benefits of Seiton

  • Good workflow -> Achievement.
  • Things can be found -> Less frustration.

Seiso: Cleanliness

The Practice of Seiso

Keep your home / workplace clean as well as neat. See your environment workplace through the eyes of a visitor: keeping a high standard of cleanliness to make a good impression.

  • Maintain cleanliness daily, not just occasionally.
  • Make cleanliness a part of the work, not an extra.
  • Cleaning is done by everyone.
  • No area should be missed.

The Benefits of Seiso

  • A good impression
  • Better health
  • A better quality of life
  • Improved self-esteem

Seiketsu: Standards

The Practice of Seiketsu

  • Operate consistently.
  • Everyone must know their responsibilities.
  • Use your five senses:
    • Make it easy to spot anomalies.
    • Detect abnormalities and correct them immediately.

Examples of using senses (sometimes called “Visual Management”):

  • Color-coding.
  • Outlining tools on a tool board.

Shitsuke: Discipline

The Practice of Shitsuke

Finally, maintain standards. Learn not to need reminding about the 5S way.

  • Make 5S’s a way of life.
  • Focus on the 5S way.
  • Eliminate bad habits.

The Benefits of Shitsuke

  • No gradual decline back to the previous way of operating.

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