TIKOY anyone?

So on my previous blog about the Chinese new year, it is said that its celebration usually lasts for 15 days, so I still have an excuse of blogging anything relating to it. During the Chinese new year my classmates in the 5th year class Occupational Safety and Health Assessment (I’m 4th year and taing the subject in advance), on the days leading to the new year asked me to treat them (Big or small, as long as I treat them) since they were graduating.

So I treated them with some goodies from Red Ribbon (torta and the like), they were happy but they expected a “Tikoy” , why? They said because I was a chinoy! Waaaaaah! And even until today they still keep on bugging me about it since the Chinese new year celebration was not over (I should not have told them about my blog…huhuhu). And of couse some pinoy bloggers (I wont mention names), when I drop by at there Chatbox keep requesting for tikoy!! So here it is!! a blog about tikoy. Enjoy!

Among the traditional food making an appearance during this occassion is the Chinese New Year Pudding or tikoy as known among Pinoys. It is usually eaten steamed, fried, fried with eggs or even as it is, cold and sticky. It is made from glutinous rice flour and sugar, the type of sugar usually determines the color, hence the white and brown varieties. So you have a choice of brown or white tikoy (Truth be told, although I’m suppose to have Chinese blood flowing in me, I stay away from oily and sweet foods and I have never tasted tikoy! Hahaha!).

The tikoy is a famous give-away during the Chinese New Year in the Philippines. Known elsewhere as Nian Gao, which translates to "New Year Cake." In Chinese, Gao is a homonym for high. Nian Gao is also called Nian Nian Gao, which is a homonym for "higher each year", symbolizing progress and promotion at work and in daily life and improvement in life year by year.

In the Chinese celebration of the New Year, tikoy or nian gao is given as a present. It shows the giver’s goodwill and the receiver’s place in the giver’s heart. It is Chinese tradition to return a favor by topping the gift of the giver who, upon receiving your gift, will top your gift, which you will top again with another gift until one of you decides that you need to return the tikoy that started it all. People or politicians in the Philippines ought to exchange tikoy and look forward to a better and brighter future not just for them but he Filipino people as well. So blogging about tikoy is somewhat of a TAG since it is given as a blog present and people should return the favor by commenting..wahahahaha!!!

Learn How to make tikoy!!

Pinoy Ambisyoso

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  1. Thank you for the link. keep up! Happy blogging!

  2. tikoy uy, gib mi tikoy... haha!
    salamat diay sa pag-agi sa akong blog

  3. patikim ng tikoy mo tol.

  4. tikoy with egg..yuuum!