On Multiple Intelligences

“One word is enough for an intelligent person.” – anonymous

It’s an often heard rant of elders when one’s rascal nature is unleashed. It’s sufficient to make one comprehend the very gist of the saying. One would have to content one’s self and confine one’s behavior conventionally lest one be labeled uncivilized. It’s true, but won’t always be.

Intelligence has many nature and forms. It’s not only about edging others out, not even about comparison as there’s nothing to be compared, but everything to be considered. It’s what composes one’s “persona”, one’s identity as to what would be emulated by others. It includes the conscious and the unconscious self.

More than being developed, intelligence is also genetically determined. Among numerous factors affecting growth and development of a person, intelligence could be schooled. Not that you enroll in a BS Interpersonal, AB Spatial nor Major in Bodily-Kinesthetic. Much as one would like to breath in sense, it just wouldn’t cooperate and remain comical!

To avoid making this post long and too psychology related, I’ll keep it simple. The Multiple Intelligences:

Bodily Kinesthetic “The graceful knack”

“I’ll trade my boyfriend for a pair of ballet shoes.” – A ballet dancer

Intrapersonal “The self smart”

“You don’t know what I’ve been through! How dare you pass judgement on me?!”

Musical “The musical genius”

“Mic test, mic test, where is my band and back up?”

Spatial “The meticulous”

”I’m telling you, It’ll miss It’ll miss! See I did! I was right!” – An Archer

Interpersonal “The social gofer”

“What the person would remember about you is how you made them feel.”

Linguistic “The word addict”

“When she talks, she doesn’t seem to stop. I better make her drink brake fluid then.” – An anger Boyfriend

Logical-Mathematical “The number/reasoning smart”

“I was born with a calculator and a T-square.” – An Architect

Naturalistic “The nature’s progeny”

“What is natural is beautiful, be green and save the world!”

Ok, I’m more of a Intrapersonal – Logical-Mathematical – Naturalistic (I think these are what I currently use more as of now) What about You?!

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