Surival Mode Last week...Sick Mentally, Tired Physically

OK, I did not even attempt or was even thinking of Blogging Last week!!! It’s not that I was not prepared but rather it was a very hectic, insane and Stressful week. We had an Activity in our Department and for some reason I was assigned so many tasks. For this particular “Awarding Ceremony – Project, I was assigned to be a Treasurer, Corporate Sponsor Committee Head, Power Point Assistant & Multimedia OIC..WTF…!!! and then Finals suddenly came about. I was torn between Curricular responsibilities & Academics. The sad part was If I would go for the Academics, the Curricular would suffer greatly and I’m not the type of person that would sacrifice one thing for another. Being a super-student that I am I faced it all like there was no tomorrow, but as I reflected on it, there was a lot of long term consequences and some benefits to it.

Let’s start with the Benefits. In the process I also learned something about myself, I discovered that I had this insane desire for recognition (I acknowledged this because as far as I can recall, My mom never complemented me but instead would rather compare to the “ideal” students around me and my dad is an OFW who was not around most of my life - - but I cannot blame them, I have to move on). Because of this, maybe I took on so many responsibilities last week and only time or my teachers will tell whether I failed a subject - - I hope I don’t fail huhuhu (Lesson Learned: One must say no sometimes even if you risk disappointing people – your also Human you know!!!). Disadvantage: Physical (Many of my friends say I have become thin but also said that I Look like a High school student now? Huh? (Dunno if it is a complement or what), Mentally Drained (need to sleep early..), Emotionally drained (thanks for your praises but you praised the wrong accomplishment (I’m so picky huh? Hehe).

Now I have my sights on this New Endeavor of Mine, Setting up an Environmental Student Organization, the only challenge? The Core Group..looking for people who share the same or similar purpose and passion. It is indeed sad that our environment is being polluted and wasted due to either our ignorance or our apathetic lifestyles. Constitution and By laws Check, Org. Name Check, Potential Activities Check,. This would not only benefit the environment, but the school and individual students as well. Need some comments on this one share some thoughts please!!!

Surival Mode Last week...Sick Mentally, Tired Physically Surival Mode Last week...Sick Mentally, Tired Physically Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Saturday, March 15, 2008 Rating: 5

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