(PBB) Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus

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Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus has just started! Meet the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus housemates.

Meet the 7 boys:
Alex Anselmuccio - 18, Italian Valentino of Milan
Ejay Falcon- 18, Promdi Hottie of Mindoro
Jolas Paguia - 18, Gentle Giant of Davao
Marc Josef Elizalde - 16, Lethal Lasallite
Kevin Flood - 18, Spanish Stallion of Madrid
Arnan “Nan” Clenuar - 17, Junior Kengkoy of Davao
Robert Marion “Robi” Domingo - 18, True Blue Atenista

Meet the 7 girls:
Christine Marie “Beauty” Gonzalez - 16, Rebellious Beauty of Dumaguete
Rona Marie Libby - 16, The Prisoner’s Daughter of Dumaguete
Valerie Weignmann - 18, Dazzling Doll of Germany
Priscilla Mae Navidad - 17, Deaf Dreamer of Davao
Linda Backlund - 16, Bikina Babe of Iriga
Nicole Uysiuseng - 17, In-chick of Cebu

Jieriel Papa - 16, Bubbly Girl of Davao

some of there "Profiles" or "Background" of some of the females:

Valerie Weignmann

PBB Teen Edition Plus Housemate: Valerie Weignmann from Germany. She is tagged as the Dazzling Doll of Germany. Valerie Weignmann is 18 from Germany. She is profiled as a "Daddy's Girl" currently trying to reestablish her ties with her Filipina mother since the death of her German father. Although she has lived most of her life in Germany, she has a great Filipina sensibility, visiting her mother's country very often. She also has a good command of the Tagalog language and has plans to enter Philippine showbiz.

Linda Backlund

Linda Backlund is from Iriga City. She is tagged as Bikini Babe of Iriga. Linda Backlund is 16 from Iriga City. A half-Swede, she intially had a luxurious life until her Swedish father left her and her family behind. To supplement her family income, she frequently joins beauty contests and bikini competitions.

Nicole Uysiuseng

Nicole Uysiuseng from Cebu. She is tagged as the In-Chick from Cebu City. Nicole Uysiuseng is a 17-year-old Filipino-Chinese girl. At home, she lived a sheltered life, being a pampered girl and a good sister to her three younger brothers. She is however not very fashionable and not so much sociable, as she does not have many friends. She aims to change that perception during her stay in the House.
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