Fun Land in Talisay City

Found this sign in FUNLAND! XD
During this time, our whole Dawn-Morning Shift co-workers (of a local BPO Firm) went on a DISTRESS Adventure in Fun Land which is located around Talisay City, Philippines. Some, like me, just came out of the shift and was a bit groggy and to think that there is still work tomorrow! BUT Still being in FUNLAND seemed FUN just from seeing the place!

Talisay Mini FunLand!
From the entrance view
You can actually request to use this if you are bringing kids, or if one would relive one's childhood? XD
Same story for this mini-train too, but no one dared..maybe when I comeback perhaps? >_<
Good old-original-manual Basketball Shooting range
Emergency picture2
Swing2 from the tables of my heart? :D
They have a double seated "FUN" cart, not meant for speeding though
My 1st time riding a FUN CART, or a cart for that matter XD
Nyahahaha Photo Documentation, FRONT CART VIEW
Anyway, Dawn-Morning-Midshift peeps united to had a small get-together to celebrate TEAM effort, success and thanks-giving for everyone's effort. It was overall fun and worthwhile to be in FUNLAND!

It was getting late, though most of us wanted to ride this, we figured most of us won't fit inside ^_^, maybe next time ;)
Photo opportunity
Kainan na! Home-Made Fud from our supervisors and managers! (Sweet & Sour pork)
Another one! Lemon Fried-Breaded Chicken
Ahh memories!
Fun Land is located in Talisay City, just before Crocolandia and, the place is definitely hard to miss due to its eye-catching scenery and a BIG SIGN.
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