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Who’s this dude?
Vernon Joseph “Iggy” Go was born and raised in Cebu City, was raised in Guadalupe in his childhood days, grew up in Urgello Sambag I and now residing in the town of Minglanilla. His Elementary & Secondary education was taken at the Sacred Heart School – Jesuits which now transferred to its new location at Canduman, Mandaue City and Proud to be Jesuit bred & a Sacred Hearter. There he learned Chinese but was unable to practice (My Chinese is beyond rusty) and from then until now enjoys Japanese Manga & Anime. His heritage is of a typical Filipino (Spanish, Chinese, Malay, Filipino). I like Art & has some degree of skill in drawing or sketching (I used to do this a lot but since entering college I haven’t practiced).

Vernon is currently the President of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSI); a cebu-based blogging community, a registered, non-government, non-profit organization, dedicated to Cebu's Tourism, Culture, Heritage and Environment and its people. CBSI Seeks to ENGAGE the community, INSPIRE bloggers-to-be and PROMOTE Cebu through Blogs.

Vernon also is a managing partner of a Start-Up Business GeOh MEdia (More information on this in the coming months). He looks to the future with big plans, dreams and with great enthusiasm.

In this blog you will find:

• Articles which may help you with in some interesting events, social work, environmental rants and/or views, political complaints, and professional stressors.
• Fresh content is added regularly, I blog at a maximum of 3 times a week, also I may also blog about the current events and happenings here in cebu.

its obviously a gag..but SMILE who wants a monotonous presentation?
If you’re looking for a speaker, check out his Speaking information page. Vernon speaks on various topics relating to social media, blogging, Industrial Engineering ideas and the like.

What Vernon has done...

If you’re wondering why you’re even bothering to read anything Vernon says or writes, here are a few bullet points of things that he’s done in his past that might be relevant or not:
  • Created and operated an on and off blog since 2004 via friendstermultiply then finally through blogger last 2008 and wordpress. (Got into serious blogging because of  the guerilla blogger)
  • Got Educated Schooled in Sacred Heart School (Jesuits) Ateneo de Cebu - SHS-AdC & Cebu Institute of Technology - University with a degree in Industrial Engineering.
  • Engaged in Student Organizational activities for the IE Council and the Technologian Student Press
  • President of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.
  • A managing partner of a Start-Up Business GeOh MEdia
  • Alumni of TechBootCamp 2010 of DOST-7, Filipinnovation, Ayala Technology Business Incubator-Ayala Foundation
  • A member of ALEx - Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence - A youth organization-umbrella organization of RAFI - Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.'s youth programs
  • An alumni of a youth training program - Young Minds Academy 3 of RAFI - Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.
In order to embrace the new, we must release the old. A trapeze artist cannot swing from one bar to another without letting go. One must reflect upon what you did, how you felt, what you liked, what you didn’t and what you learned. Try to look at yourself and your experience with as much objectivity as you can—much like a biographer would.

You may also stalk visit Vernon Go in facebook or you can "LIKE" my public page there as well (Just type in Vernon Joseph Go and you'll find me :D). For Twitter @VernonGo or @geohmedia

Special Thanks to OrvilleBryan Karl, and ate Pibsz for there assistance when I was still starting out.
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