Cebu OKs 90-Km Bridge to Bohol!

CEBU CITY — The Cebu Provincial Development Council has approved the preparation of a feasibility study on the proposed Cebu-Bohol Friendship Bridge that will link both provinces through the 90-kilometer bridge estimated to cost over P20 billion. During a meeting with the Bohol Provincial Development Council on Tuesday, the council approved the feasibility study that would determine the exact cost of the project, including the sources of funds that will be used in the proposed linkage.

Bohol acting provincial planning and development counsel John Titus Vistal, who had earlier presented to the Regional Development Council the proposal to conduct a feasibility study, also got the approval of his Cebu counterparts. Vistal said the bridge will not only become a means for transportation to pass through Cebu and Bohol but also aims to promote the business and tourism in both provinces, aside from creating easy access to power, water, broadband connection, and medical facilities.

Vistal said the feasibility study for the friendship bridge would cost R80 million but it will be funded through a grant from the Economic Development Cooperative Fund of Korea. However, he urged local government units to do its share in building the bridge, especially through manpower that will be used in the conduct of the feasibility study.The bridge will connect the towns of Jetafe in Bohol and Cordova in Cebu. The Province of Bohol, which proposed the construction of the bridge, originally wanted to connect the four provinces in the region but the cost of that feasibility study would reach P129 million.

Ok, It’s a good project and joint venture, but I would like to see the actual feasibility study myself if they are able to justify the long term effects of Traveling to Bohol by boat Vs. the existence of the Bridge ++maintenance cost (Since it is most definitely longer than the 2 mactan bridges combined, I think). It’s good to see this kinds of inter-provinvial joint venture thigys but it would be most effective IMO if the Cebu Provincial Gov’t. would have some Joint Ventures with Local City Gov’ts.

And I’m still actually a little pissed about the actions of Governor Gwen Garcia on her stand regarding the sonar surveys at Tañon Strait and her not at least seeing the “Big Picture” and anomalies of the Tañon Strait Deals with the Local Gov’t Agencies!!!

Article source: Manila Bulletin

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    I don't think the 90-km bridge is a good project and the P20B may just come to waste (even the P80M cost for feasibility study). Cebu's thrust is more on industrial and in the services sector while for Bohol, it's eco-tourism. Cebu still has enough landbank for prospective investors, and Bohol still has a lot do do in developing eco-tourism.

  3. im with ceblogger idea..just my cents..

  4. i wonder how the shipping industry would react to this.