Save Tañon Strait Citizens Movement started in Cebu promoting the sustainable lifestyle for all! Tañon Strait is a narrow but deep body of water located between Cebu and Negros. Tañon Strait is a critical habitat for several species of dolphins and whales. It is one of the top 10 fishing grounds in the Philippines.

President Fidel Ramos declared it as a Protected Seascape in 1998. However, this biodiversity rich water and adjacent waters have not been spared by the executive branch from ecologically destructive activity – the ongoing oil exploration in Tañon Strait, Bohol Sea and soon, the rest of the Visayan Sea.

Cebu is a vibrant and pulsating metropolitan center infused by the creativity and equally dynamic professional, civic and business leaders. It is known for its rich cultural & natural heritage. However, these vibrant citizens of Cebu (as well as Negros) know that their future is being compromised.

Our national government has been aggressively exploring oil within our waters at the time when global climate change has required countries to reduce their CO2 emissions. The disastrous effects of climate change not just on the lifestyle but on basic elements of life, with serious and devastating social and economic losses, are still to be fully understood by the leaders and people alike of an archipelagic nation, which has to contend with predicted dramatic rises in sea level and a multitude of similar catastrophes.

The main issues in this debacle include: unsustainable practices; displacement of fisherfolks; negative impacts on cetaceans; lack of political will to enforce environmental laws and ordinances; procedural lapses by various concerned governmental agencies; absence of genuine consultations with stakeholders; and the lack of credible examination of scientific data.

It is not too late! There is hope! In adversities lie opportunities. ACT NOW! Join SAVE TAÑON STRAIT CITIZENS' MOVEMENT for genuine empowerment!

Note: I found there endeavor honorable, while other politicians try to fill there pockets with cash (Maybe not all) but it is better to know and spread the word rather than doing nothing. They recently launched the group officially last May 16, 2008. I totally support what they are doing since our government is either lazy, apathetic or just plain ignorant about the issues concerning our environment and of the concerns of its citizens in which they are suppose to answer to.

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