August Roundup

Well I haven't been blogging for almost a month now, wow!!! These are the things that i have been doing:

Bought a Book - Rule #1 by Phil Town (It's kinda like Stock Trading for dummies thing)bu i haven't read it yet

Joined PSE's Stock Trading Game - Well haven't read the book as stated above but im also trying to explore and do some trial-and-error to gain a little experience regarding the stock market.

Joined a school organization - The Technologian Student Press; i'm assigned as UPS(Union of Poetic Souls) chairman; it's my quest to further improve my writing skills and the like.

Design Project - Another research project to show/demonstrate all the Knowledge we have accumulated from our IE Subjects and teachers. The title of it is "Manufacturing of a wooden-duck pull toy"; Don't be Hatin cause its sounds simple but were designing a facility here people!

Industrial Research Project - We were given two options Industry Research and Theory Building, and we chose theory building and we are now going CRAZY!!!!! "The title is a proosed inventory management system for sari sari stores."

Went on Tour - we had two (2) official tours but only one was successful. The 1st was to the CICC (Cebu International Convention Center) - Mandaue Business Month Event and the second is to Precision Forming, Inc. - a sheet metal parts manufacturing (It's a medium sized company but they treated us really well and learned a lot as well).

Had a little fun? - well i was schedule to do my 2 dissretations during the recently concluded Intramurals Week, but it was my last intrams since i am a graduating student this year (Hopefully), so i could not help my self going to school even if it is a do-or-die situation since we will be having our Pre-oral validation and the deadline for our softcopy and hardcopy outputs.

A Cover Story & Article Writing - These are my first assignments aside from managing my fellow UPS-mates, i'm tasked to write a contribution to a UPS Article and a cover story on the Band Concert during the opening of the was fun since I have never done it before, I kinda miss doing new things and things that i lie doing...CURSE YOU THESIS!!! RAWR!!

well that's all for now, wish me luck on my thesis and hopefully i'll be blogging more often!
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  1. weeeeeeeew! very busy d ai ka sir?! sus, maynalang wala ko niapil sa CIT press ahehe wa nako nahuman ang ako untang entry.. ahehehe

  2. wow! nice to know you're in the right track of your life! so busy, keep that way... God Bless to all your endeavors!