How many Filipinos invest in the Stock Market?

Due to the "Rise Crisis" (Rise of prices of food, fuel, and the like, even crimes), I've been thinking a lot about my own future. I've been informed about so many ways of making money from business (Small or micro), online, and of course the stock market. I've been slowly self-learning about multiple income streams and based from my own research, all of these things (as mentioned above) are True and really profitable. YES, you can earn money online, YES, business is much better than being an employee, and being told what to do, and YES, there are tonsof opportunities in the stock market. I have searched and searched and I stumbled upon this:

A recent survey conducted by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) showed that very few Filipinos participate in the stock market. According to the survey, there were only 430,681 accounts being maintained for Filipino investors by PSE trading participants in 2007 - representing not even 1/2 of 1% of the 89 million population of the Philippines. Of the total, only 103,412 or just a little over 1/10 of 1% of the population were considered active or involved in at least one trade in a year.

The figures are in stark contrast with that of other Southeast Asian nations. Singapore has the highest proportion of its population — around 33% — with investments in the stock market. Japan and Australia both have roughly 25% each; while Malaysia has 18%; Hong Kong, 17%; and Korea, 10%.

So, applying my own calculations and estimations, Let's say the population now has Hit 90 Million and the figure of filipinos investing remains the same? A 90 Million Population country with less than half a million investments...around 459,999...that's about 0.0051111 or 0.51111% of people investing!!!! WTF!>? The PSE is not being utilized!!!!

I have heard that in the U.S., a part of the elementary /High school curriculum is the introduction or I guess a subject about the stock market and actually letting students apply what they have learned. So, why can't we do that here in the Philippines? If not the whole country, why not start educating a small municipality, town or a barangay? Rather than just putting subsidies on any expensive stuff (I know the purpose of subsidies which was taught in our economics but too much subsidies or anything can become bad!! We can't move use those taxes to move forward with our economic development!), spoon feeding or doling-out to people, why not gice them something sustainable?

As the Philippine stock market continues its decline, the disappointing numbers will certainly worsen as more Filipino investors flee the stock market looking for safer investment opportunities. Now that a global recession seems imminent, will you remain to be in or do you choose to be out of the stock market? I Say:

"Our situation is like a coin, heads or tails, an upside or downside, advantages or disadvantages, and if crisis is on one side there are most definitely opportunities on the other"
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  1. Good investors actually know that this is the time to invest in the stock market because stock prices are at a record low. *grins*

    Maybe if individual investments in the stock market won't do, barangays or cities can set up a mutual fund where their people can put money.

  2. Liked what Gian said, this is the best time to invest for a stock, though not necessarily a good one for profiting in it right away.

    And mutual funds have been implemented in the Philippines for many years now, however it was not in any way successful on its goals. It always ended with bankruptcy (poor management) and (-) to 0% ROR/ROI (poor knowledge on investment and poor participation by members).

    Actually we have subjects discussing the ways of the stock market both in grade school and high school. I was surprised that it was not part of my college curriculum.