Habagat Christmas Party Experience

I had my On-the-Job Training at this company, Habagat Outdoor Equipment, Inc. and they had their Company Party Celebration for the Holidays Last December 16, 2008 with a Hawaiian Theme for the event. The event was held at the Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City.

Although we were not included in the giveaways part, we did enjoy and were thankful of the free food in which we were not required to pay (Mabaw ra gyud kog kalipay). We were required to present a presentation per the instruction of the General Manager in order for the habagat employees to have something New to look forward to this year. We presented a skit to the tune of Lifehouse's Everything in which we partially modified and added some new steps since we kind of lack people to do the skit and added our own twist to it. It talked about God's greatest sacrifice.

It was very successful and indeed a great experience for us On-the-Job Trainees (OJT). Together with Mariel, Daisy, Kristian and Rio, we have presented a comical skit in order for us to have grades (hehe..lol). We were very happy because unexpectedly we won. We were not supposed to be part of the contest but thank you to Ma'am Famela, Sir Lester, Ronil and Sir Butch for helping us be part of it. We were very overwhelmed not because they gave us a standing ovation but it's all because they have recognized God. They have realized how good is God and praise God for everything He did for the mankind. It was not for the prize, definitely. We offered it all for God. And the Set of Mentos, Certificate of Recognition and Php3,000 were just a bonus consolation.
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