Young Minds Academy Season 3

Young Minds Academy is a youth citizenship and leadership development program of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) aimed at developing young emerging leaders to become responsible citizens and accountable, pro-active leaders that are ready to serve the public and its interests.

After a process of application and screening, successful applicants officially signed a covenant with RAFI and its sponsors last December 13, 2008, indicating their willingness to fully participate in and comply with the requirements of YMA and to finish the entire eight-month program.

Recognizing YMA’s effort in molding the youth, City Savings Bank and UnionBank Philippines are supporting the program by sponsoring the YMA scholars.

The YMA scholars are grouped into teams of 4 to 5 members categorized into three generations - Generation 1 (21-30 years old); Generation 2 (17-20 years old); and Generation 3 (12-16 years old). They will undergo sessions on leadership and character formation, social development, creative thinking, research, participatory project development and proposal making. They will also undergo learning visits and immersions. Their final output will be a community-based project proposal to address issues and concerns related to Education, the theme for YMA Season 3.

We went through the application stage which had challenges on its own like meeting the application deadline, the preliminary individual testing (The nosebleed IQ, personality Test and Time-Limited Essay), 2nd Exam (Team Dynamics) and the Panel Interview which sucked out all my Verbal English! And Thankfully last week December 13, we had our covenent signing in which makes us officially YMA Scholars for the 3rd Season!!!! YEHEY!!!! YATA!!!! OK PA SA ALRIGHT!!! YEY For Our Team Generation 1, Team 1, wohoo!!!

Hopefully this will be a GREAT Experience, meet new friends, create new bonds, Learn a lot, and be able to attend all the scheduled trainings!! See the Press Release Here
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  1. maypa ka bai iggy! huhuhuh.. kami duha sa ako miga sa HR wala ka-apil! huhuuh

  2. awww there is always next year bai..and you need to be Five people in order to join...kaya mu yan next year!!!

  3. congrats!! hop u do mek a diferens thru dat... I was planing to join pero, skeds are skeds:D I herd pipol saying bya na ang YMA kay no use daw ky way laro ang i-implement sa mga teams... hopefully ur grup will prove dem wrong! Au2x!:D