CIE Business Fair 2008

(Centere for International Education) CIE is an International School in the Asia Pacific which uses British standards. CIE Had its annual business Trade Fair in Ayala Center Cebu. The school’s third and fourth year high school students have successfully opened small-scale businesses in compliance with their Business Studies, and Technical Works Ethics (TWE) classes.

Me and my buddy kristian came from our On-the-Job Training work from Habagat Outdoor Equipment Inc., and as we always pass by Ayala, we stumbled upon students selling some stuff. We decided to drop by and see what's all this fuss people are making. Students were selling some clothing, Paintings, Painting Frames, There own brand of Bottled Water, Some small pouch thingys and the like. Among those stuff I mentioned, One thing caught my attention, this:

This thing caught my attention immediately, and I ask the student selling it what it was. To my surprise he said it was the packaging for their T-shirt product, Wow! Then I looked at their shirts and the the designs also stands out like: "I'm stuck in Kindeergarten", "TAMBAY"-w/ corresponding art and the Cebuano-Cebuana with corresponding Art. Another surprising thing is that All of the student-entrepreneurs had all business permits and their "Businesses" are registered in DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) which made our mouths open. Wow, If only we had that kind of training in our school!!! waaaaaaaaa

Anyway, I bought the cebuana one (As seen above) as an advance Christmas Gift for my sister. It cost Php230.00, It might seem expensive but the innovation and creativity with some cool designs totally makes it worth spending my money. Also the "Company" of the Shirts in which I bough was called "Blanko Clothing Co." and another thing that made me smile is the inner bacl print which said:

"Hello and Thank You for Purchasing a work of Art from Blank! Each Shirt is made with Tender love and care =). We are sure that you will love this shirt as much as we loved making this in our garage."

-Made in a Garage (LOL!!! WAHAHAHAHAH!!!!)
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  1. Yeah I was there!!!We have no plans to go there. I was just curious with their products so we dropped by. And, instantly I was amazed how HS students came up with a business.I hope we have it in our school.

  2. This activity was really to my liking and cool!!! Awesome even...

    I also hope naa mi ani sa skul!! or department?

    waw unsa na daemon dibil bats!! YAHA!!