10th Biz (Business) Quiz Bowl

Yesterday was quite interesting again, it was the last screening for the 3rd season for the Young Minds Academy and All I can say is NOSEBLEED!!! That Happen for the whole Saturday morning and in the Afternoon was the Business Quiz Bowl Hosted by the College of Commerce in our school. We watch the business quiz bowl high school category first and afterwards was the Open category.

The Business Quiz Open Category was interesting since any college or even a department may be represented. And because of this there were some weird situations which occured. The Technologian Student press was represented, as well as the Computer Engineering Department and the Civil Engineering Departments whose participants were all from the press (Wahahah--LOL!!!). And as for the College of Engineering and Architecture, IE students represented. But since there were slots, the audience were invited to join in and my fellow YMA Team Members ended up joining the competition and I just cheered for them on the side lines and took some pictures.

Well for us IEs, many of the business terms were so to say NOSEBLEED Terms since it was not our field, but in the End we ended up almost sweeping the competition. In 1st Place my YMA Teammates won!!! and 2nd place were the CEA Representatives who were IEs won 2nd place and the Computer Engineering Department whose participants were from the Press got 3rd. Also during audience participation session, I won some rizes as well (Igo ra pamliti!!) wahajajahahah

After that we celebrated and ate Bread together with our Department Chair and also the cheerleaders!!! wahahahaha, Since we were quite many we decided to go eat and celebrate in a bakeshop, while the techno peeps bought some Ice cream and some soft drinks.

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  2. You really are getting in to it! Who's the fifth member diay? Well, congratulations on your latest achievements as IE's! Hope you'll get more and more achievements:D

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  5. The names of the Techno-peeps and my Teammates are not mentioned since I have not asked permission to ask for their name to be posted here..hehehe