NESCAFÉ promotes healthy living at SM

Now, after the Mang Inasal Insanity and the touring in North wing and Trade Hall, we finally decided to get us some free coffee down stairs. In a way it was a Product Launching of their four products.

At the NESCAFE Relax booth, visitors will be treated to a massage while in the NESCAFE Fit booth, visitors can sign up to play an interactive console for an exercise routine. By that interactive routine was a Nintendo Wii w/ a tennis game!!! But unfortunately it was too crowded already and people just kept coming cause of the free coffee. Since it came out, the NESCAFE Body Partner range has become the beverage of choice for the growing number of health-conscious individuals. Each of its four variants offers a set of unique health benefits.

NESCAFE Relax is a complete decaffeinated coffee mix with natural chamomile extracts that sooths and helps one to de-stress.

NESCAFE Fit is a complete coffee mix that is sweetened with sugar substitute and enhanced with Teavigo extract, a natural diet aid. This low-calorie drink helps you manage your weight.

NESCAFE PROTECT has a unique blend of roasted and green beans which are naturally rich in antioxidants and delivers 3 times more antioxidants than green tea to help fight free radicals that are known to cause ageing.

And lastly, NESCAFE Lingzhi, a complete coffee mix with natural ganoderma extract, an Eastern ingredient known for its many health benefits.

I only had the Chance to try 2, since it was sooo hot!!!! Also I ran in to my hihschool batchmate who was one of the Fit-Nescafe-Helpers, here's a photo of him with my YMA Team Members:

But anyway my day would not have been complete if I didn't bring me a souvenir...

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NESCAFÉ promotes healthy living at SM NESCAFÉ promotes healthy living at SM Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Sunday, November 30, 2008 Rating: 5


  1. yay! sige pangchicks ako migo u! wala nalang giserious ang nescafe! hahaha..

  2. hmmm yeah I like nescafe too.. It's addicting. I am trying to switch to green tea...
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  3. vernon...ikaw man diay na...classmate ta pag grade two...toink!

  4. bai! kana emu tapad to-o njud ko chix na! whaha.. nakai number ana bai? hahahahahaa...

  5. mao gyud ni ako nabantayan ni iggy..
    hahaha..bsta naay chix papicture dayon.

    panghatag no. ana beh.

  6. @mark, jorich clarence: wahahaha, di mangud hilig mga ingon ani nga pangchix nga ebents ang CBS wahhahaah

    @Anonymous: waaaa stalker!!!

    @Sarah Thanks, please do comeback!

    I only drank 2 of the Five new coffees, any more and I could not sleep during the night eheheh

    Thanks everyone for your comments..