What is UNO? (Unlimited Networks of Opportunites)

Unlimited Network of Opportunities International Corporation
, or UNO is a company engaged in the distribution of health enhancing natural products and other services which recently opened in Cebu. UNO’s products range from a Glutathione soap, capsules and lotion; 8-in-1 Coffee that promotes well-being and boosts the immune system; Ultima-C, a non-acidic Vitamin C; and Fit Right slimming capsules with L-Carnitine, Green Tea and Ampalaya. UNO is also the distributor of Prepaid Pinoy, the newest, safest and most convenient way to sell prepaid cellphone cards.

More Questions than Answers…

According to chief operating officer William Barbo, clarifies that UNO is not a get-rich-quick scheme, It is a contemporary way of spreading wealth across multiple individuals instead of a select few.

Source: Philstar

Base from that, why do those people there presenting it in such a way that within a short period of time, you will have a weekly 5-6 figure income? I have listened to their orientations, but maybe I want to see it in writing so that I can truly analyze it, how does it really work?

What and where are companies are making these products since UNO is just its marketing arm?

They say they're business is legal but the way they recruit people is rather IRRITATING! I talked to another recruit at the seminar and he told me that his friend lured him there too. AND ANOTHER ONE TOLD ME THAT I SHOULD SELL WHATEVER I HAVE JUST TO PAY FOR THE KIT!

Source: Allentyurata.com

Similar situation happened to me, but I don’t blame my friend. The process of recruitment is somewhat quite annoying and irritating, why not just say it to my face directly? I don’t like to be given false hope or lied to, just to share some information, I may or may not understand but I’m smart enough to do my own research if ever I don’t understand much of it.

...Let's call him Tim. Back when I first met him, he was this shy-looking but cool teenager who knew a lot of people I knew—bands, DJs, and other people…. I even told him about my friend Karl and his funny attempts of trying to attract me to MLM….he was a nice and sensible lad, I thought, and I certainly would want to work with him in future projects (he used to have a band, and I used to produce recorded music).

But when I saw him again at UNO, it was as if he was a different person! He spoke like those salespeople you see in department stores…He explained MLM like a Master Showman host, joked around sometimes to not bore us, and confidently claimed that in spite of him being just a mere “tambay,” he was already earning as much as Php5,000 per week.

… My friend Karl reduced me into an MLM prospect. All the things he said to me, including his knowledge of my need of money to do my dream cultural projects, were all parrot-speak from his fellow UNO members. I would have preferred it if he just told me directly that if I joined, he will be earning. But no, he even used everything he knew about me as a friend just so he could convince me.

Source: The prodigal kamaru

I can relate to the statements…The thing that I observe is that, even if the COO guy said that it is not a get-rich-quick-scheme, people are somewhat unconsciously thinking that it is and promoting it as such. It saddens me to see my friend, not because of joining such a group but the personality and how I get treated now has totally changed, as if I am speaking to a totally different person! Maybe that is what money does to you or is it just blind greed?

Being a nice guy, I just listened to all the things he was saying but I told him that I was not convinced. So he asked help from a guy who seemed like an UNO veteran and the veteran started showing a lotta cash. While the guy was busy showing me wads of cash, I remembered an old story by a classmate of mine back in college who got scammed by Legacy. These were the same old tactics. In the back of my mind, I was saying "you gotta try harder than that boy."

Source: Skiverz

Someone explain what is MLM and/or network marketing really? …give me documentation of such a system & show me the model please…

UNO members say that in case you join, you have to work hard to be successful. But most presenter use the term “tambay” implying that it is easy and not much work at all, isn’t that contradictory? If I am still to work hard, I’ll just continue to do my thing and face life with its constant cycle of ups and downs and live it to the full.

For me there are far more better and beautiful things to do and discover than having a pursuit of MONEY, but that is just me; I’m giving this the Benefit of the doubt in order to satisfy my curiosity about how this UNO – Unlimited Networks of Opportunities really work.

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  1. ahahhah!

    dghan kaayu na Taw Pirmi ilang StoRe..

    Every Night..


    In order na succesful ka ani...

    Dapat haRdWork juD..

    Dli magpa DL..... Dawat Limpyu...


  2. my opinion in this:

    I think they are quick to sell their overpriced (yes I believe they are overpriced, ask any pharmacists selling more credible products) yet not really have much show on how good their products are.

  3. Maka-relate jud kau ko ani Igoy. Nyahaha.

    Kay hapit man ko mutuo ani, may gani nahurot akong kwarta palit ug eyeglasses kundi na-UNO na jud ko ani.

    Sakto jud tong pakit-on kag daghan kwarta ig present nila sa imo. Convincing raba sila. Wa man pud ko niingon nga ilad na sila.

    Pag-ingon nako sa akong mama ani kay gikasab-an gud ko, haha. Pyramiding won't work daw long term. Maypa mag-business nalang and work hard, invest in something long term and more credible. :)

    Taas nuon au kog comment. Ka-relate man, haha.

  4. di jud ko nahan ug mga in ani oi.. haha.. mga networking style.. haha.. paksit ta ana idol!

  5. wahehehe...hapit sad ko maUNO if naa ko kwarta that time..haha..convincing gyud bitaw.. whew...ako sad mama hapit motuo..hehe..pero la man money..mao to..hehe

  6. LOL, ma ilhan man basta MLM. Kay they will invite you, and you ask them kung unsa ang event or occasion, dili sila mo tug-an. Kana sure ko MLM dayon if dili sila mo tug-an. Tried and tested technique na nako if somebody invites me. I hate MLM...murag scam! Aw scam gyud diay! I hate the way they market their products.

  7. mas ganahan pako mopalit ug UNO Magazines... hehe

  8. Ang ako lang ikasulti I really don't like networking marketing. Although I respect people family and friends who are earning a decent income from it.

    What I don't like about it is the hype that comes with promoting it. Imagine telling people that you can have "eternal" income from your downlines and that you can be an overnight millionaire ? Well it might be true for some but not for all because when the network expands and saturates the market it will collapse. Networking companies will probably peak within 2 to 3 years or even 5. After that it will be "laos." There is no such thing as perpetual income in network marketing.

  9. ganahan ko sa idea ni orbel.haha kana nga strategy ba dili man fair and square(pyramid siya).

  10. I already attended one of the seminars here. The speaker is good! However, it's still hard work. You can't be rich by being just a "tambay" as what the speaker said.

  11. The people there are more interested in recruiting than selling..this will eventually create lots of competition among the sellers..market saturation, too many UNO agents too few consumers

    They even hire or have a paid applauser/s during there seminars ("tama...tama")& some are obviously exaggerating there income..

    it may or may not fall like previous related networking such as legacy, 1st quadrant..etc..but only time will tell..

  12. I almost join UNO.. d ka matintal if u'll see checks containing thousands of pesos???50,000 a week d ka malain ana?
    der was one testimony that says:
    my dream is to have a mitsubishi adventure but now I got a Ford pick-up and a mercedes Benz...
    tempting but not convincing though!

  13. lagi noh mga tae gyud ng mga ignorante...

    wla khibalo kng unsa gyud ang meaning sa network marketing. pwede pki delete sa blog useless man gud basahon

    naa koy na basa dnhi na part na magtraditional na lng daw so ikaw pud magrecruite recruit, imong mga empleyado himoung "ALIPIN".

    xure ka long term na xa na business? pagxure oi

  14. (sa ma ilad lang.. ako ray na looy)

    "I had no plans of joining a pyramid scheme and scamming my fellow Filipinos. Money can be earned without sacrificing your dignity."

    better read skivers post..

  15. i WAS actually a member of this crappy company. NOTHING happened to me! Di rin naman kasi tama yung mga ginagawa nila. Yang mga linya nila na "walang mawawala sa yo kung makikinig ka lang", nauto din ako dyan and i must say that it was a big mistake na sumali-sali ako jan sa UNOng yan! At first, I didn't have problems with their system until ilang months na ang dumaan at hindi pa rin ako kumita. Madami din akong mga na-invite. yung ISA sumali. yung iba paasa. yung iba naman ayaw nila kasi nga SCAM. i don't know kung ano yung totoo. sabi nila legal sila. ok sabi nila eh.

    Sasabihin pa nila sayo na tigil na daw sa skwela kasi wala rin naman daw mapapala. kapag mag-trabaho ka daw eh 10k lang naman daw na may kaltas sweldo mo sa isang buwan. Super WRONG! Eh pano yun, may pera nga ako at may ipapalamon sa mga anak ko pero wala akong maisasagot kapag nagtanong siya sa 'kin ano answer ng derivation nga ganito at ganyan.

    At kahit ano pa sabihin nila na hindi sila pyramiding, para sa 'kin, pyramiding pa rin. Sabihin nila na inverted pyramid whatever eklavoo yung nandiyan. PYRAMIDING PA RIN YUN! pinaganda lang nila ng pinaganda para may mauto sila.
    and yes, the checks are real but di naman lalaki ng ganun yung kita nila kung di rin sila nag multiple heads. and besides, NAUNA sila eh. wala silang problema kasi yung gagawin nalang ng mga nandun sa taas eh maghintay ng taong mauuto na papasok then yun, *poof*, parang breakfast cereal, puputok na bigla yung pera nya dahil napakarami ng mga downlines nya na gagalaw para magka-pera siya.

    and actually, most sa mga top earners dyan, yung mga power speakers nila, may experience na sa ibang networking company na BUMAGSAK at nawala! Yung mga dati kong uplines dun, mga taga-ibang networking companies na bumagsak sa una eh. So as not to make UNO fall like the others, kino-correct nila yung mga mistakes na na-commit nila sa previous company nila and they make sure na kung ano sasasbihin nila eh paniniwalaan talaga ng tao. Which is what I have observed.

    Bottomline is: WALA AKONG NAPALA!
    eh dalawang 7,450 pinalabas ko sa bulsa ko tapos P400 lang yung mababalik sakin? PUCHA! Sinangla ko pa isang importanteng bagay sakin tapos P400 lang!

    di ko na gusto bumalik dun. sumasama lang pakiramdam ko!

    kahit ano pa gawin nila na pag-build up sa products eh walang kwenta! mas focused sila sa pagpapapasok ng tao! they won't even care about you that much! hay naku UNO! pinasakit mo lang ulo at bulsa ko!

  16. as eeeeen!!
    muntikan na talaga akong nalulon sa masamang bisyo ng lintik na UNOng yan.hahaha..
    a friend of mine once shared his experience and earnings from the company and said that i should join too..i wasn't convinced yet kasi hello? earning money 10x more than just a regular worker makes you think twice. Came this one school day afternoon, may nag abot sa aking ng flyer and it's exact words goes like this:

    ARE YOU???
    STUDENT finding ways to earn extra income?
    EMPLOYEE thinking of a sideline?
    UNEMPLOYED still up to now?
    HOUSEWIFE seeking for something profitable to do?
    RETIREE looking for a second carer in business?
    OFW tired to working abroad?
    If you are any of the above, then this AD is definitely for you!
    By doing only 2-3 hours/day, you can earn 1,500-5000 starting weekly income!
    For interview....(blah blah blah)

    sino ba naman hindi ma sho-shock nyan? imagine.. a student earning that money weekly? so i texted the number in the flyer asked for atleast just a brief description of what the job is all about, the reply said: just come to a free orientation at 3pm in the office and we will explain to you what it is all about..
    ...y not just tell directly the purpose like we need dog walkers,baby sitter, tutor,maid, house keeper, dinadaan pa kasi sa hanging statement.
    So out of curiousity, i asked my friend about the UNO thing, sabi nya.."madali lang talaga gagawin,meet na lang tayo para mapag usapan personally"(we haven't met for years and we aren't in the same location na kaya we ddn't have any communication except sa facebook.lol)and because I am attached in a relationship, i can't just give him my number and meet up with him just because i wanted to know about that stupid company he was sooo in to. So, nag away pa kami sa chat kasi daw hirap nga daw e explain dapat daw personal,for what?so he can show me his decieving gestures para ma convince ako na mag join?no thank you..i'd rather do a lot of research about the company than giving him my time.Then, yun na nga, i did research and end up in this site reading these comments and i have abruptly decided to tell my friend that i wont be joining.and i actually did, then he stopped convincing na. Thank you guys, naliwanagan talaga ako. Earning money is hard, and you need to exert much effort for it,and all i can say is that, It is part of our life and that is what makes life worth living, the obstacles, the pain, sweat, and the hardwork, and at the end you really do get what you deserve..it's fun that way,right?hehe

  17. ate... kng nag post k lng dito para manira. well sorry ka ate... alam namn namin legit kau ehh.. parang sinasabi mo hindi legit ang UNO...eto na lng sagutin mo... Sino number 1 sa Networking for 3 executive yrs??? :D

  18. Tsek no sa facebook si puta sa uno para malaman nyo kung tama ngang bumili ng produkto.

  19. 'executive' or do u mean 'consecutive' LOL.. hahahhaha!

  20. wow... you know uno is a pyramid scam... believe it or not?? ang galing mag sales talk nung nagrecruit sa akin but di aq nagpadala dun sa mga sinasabi nila na "ang daling magkapera.... one big question: paano kung wala kang marecruit??

  21. kaya nasisira ang multilevel marketing industry e dahil sa mga katulad ng mga vera7 na naninira sa mga networking companys tulad ni uno<<,sabagay ang number one talga ang tinitira>>mga insecure!!!power<<<<<<uno lang ang ISO certified

  22. may scam bang na featured na sa mga t shows gaya ng umagang kay ganda!kabuhayang swak na swak! at many more to mention<<just use ur common sense bgo kau manghusga<<<<<<<kaya lang hinahatak si uo pababa kasi sya ung nasa pinaka mataas sa larangan ng multilevel marketing!!

  23. For an in-depth analysis of their structure, you guys might want to check out the Ponzi Scheme over at wikipedia, which is described as fraudulent investment
    operation that pays returns to its investors from their own money or
    the money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from profit earned
    by the individual or organization running the operation.

    Here's the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme

    and also this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ponzi_schemes

  24. Sorry to hear that... Mag Vera7 ka na lang,,, 770 peso lang ang investment... Laki pa income. Ours is legit, we have legalities.

    text me at 09197741598 if interested or email me at je_bb@yahoo.com

  25. tama, nasa way lang naman ng pagconvince yan e... ive been in UNO for 4x already! pero ni once never ako naconvince kahit madali maglabas ng hinihingi nila...
    pero may nakita ako, once lang ako napasok, di ko pa kakilala nag invite, napaWOW ako hugot agad ako! ahaha! gusto ko kasi products ng pinasukan ko at dali ibenta... ganda pa ng way nila mag invite at mag sponsoring... di ka pa pababayaan since di lang recruiting ang focus nila... may free dance and acting workshop na, may photoshoots and modeling pa! kaya aun... baka gusto niyo rin itry ha? try lang di ko kayu pilitin sumali hehe pakita ko lang sa inyo na kakaiba to kaya ako naconvince... add me FB @ http://www.facebook.com/kendel1224
    simpleng profile lang po :D

  26. kaya nga work hard. comment ka ng comment.. mag isip karin, p.s. not a uno member.. but is sensitive on low i.q.


  28. Isa pang ginagawa nila is ang downline ng mga lalaki na mga
    babae eh ni la-liedown muna ng mga uplines? Reply if u want

  29. Kung sasali ka nang UNO
    Dapat hindi ka NEGATIVE thinking.
    Lahat nang bagay sa mundo basta positive ka
    Babalik sayo positive rin
    Kung di ka umasenso sa uno.
    Wag mu siraan ang uno.kasalanan
    Mu nayan . kung sumali ka
    Hindi ka nag kapera .sa madaling salita
    Wala kang diskarte( .mahina ka .)
    UMASENSO) Makinig ka sa mga umasenso
    Sa uno
    Puro ka duda. Mag pursigi ka .
    Mahalin mo trabaho mo. Dahil
    Ang networking ay di madali ..
    Napakahirap na trabaho nito pangalan
    At dignidad nakataya dito
    Hindi pera ..