Bloggers MUST cover 2010 elections

Recently, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) will invite bloggers to cover the 2010 elections, from the preparations up to the proclamation of winner/s. We have seen what citizen journalism can do in various places in the world, in China, Iran, US and so on..this is not only a great opportunity but a chance to make history as well.

The Comelec is formulating a “framework of cooperation” with the blogging community to cover key points in the elections such as voter education and field testing of counting machines, the commision’s spokesman, James Jimenez said.

“We believe that bloggers represent a significant part of the general public to be informed about the most recent developments in elections automation,” Jimenez, who is also a blogger. He cited the potential of blogs to educate the electorate, especially the youth.

“reform-minded” bloggers could organize a network of citizen journalists to guard against fraud or help their favored candidates win


Another post which struck me is of Babelmachine in CNET Asia blogs which talked about making sure one's blog is not for sale. He then raises an interesting question:

What then can the blogging community do to guard against such temptation themselves? These are ethical issues that media organizations have been wrestling with forever, and the right of bloggers to cover the news also comes with certain responsibilities to their readers....what kind of coverage can the public expect from a blogger, if his or her blog is for sale?

It is good that the comelec has recognized such an opportunity..the question now lies in the hands of the bloggers, whether they come together in their respective regions or online community, to plan on initiating such a coverage or do it all alone by joining other forms of coverage like Boto mo, ipatrol mo or the like; only time will tell.

Well, I can definitely say the together with CBS, we Bloggers MUST cover 2010 elections (whether we have the same or different political standings and candidate we support).
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  1. Sakto sakto, para naa pud tay mabuhat na tarong...

  2. Why was this not disseminated to bloggers? It's not even mentioned in the recent digital filipino bloggers networking event (or so I thought)

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  3. @Bryan CBS should start preparing for this one, but then again napay sinulog! whahahah

    @Blogger This one's recent, after the DFC, but overall I don't know what Ms. janette's plans are but she is advocating for a long time now that bloggers should participate in these kinds of events