Uswag Lambigit Bisaya!

Me and my buddies were strolling around SM City Cebu coming from our second screening for YMA (Young Minds Academy), and it seems one of my team members had some cash with her so we decided 11st to either suffer hunger and watch TWILIGHT or eat insanely at Mang Inasal. After that we went to SM Trade Hall to see what’s new and we found the main exhibition of the 10th VIVA-ExCon will be opened at Trade Hall A of SM City Cebu, Titled "Uswag Lambigit Bisaya!", this exhibition is a curated exhibit that showcases the Visayan artists' ability to collaborate and execute art projects as a unified entity.

Based on the Visayan terms, to "move forward" and "collaborate", the exhibit will feature collaborative works from the different artist groups throughout the Visayas. A separate exhibition for individually-executed works, titled "Sinugatan" (Visayan for "greeting presents") will be mounted on the entrance of "Uswag Lambigit Bisaya!" as a means of accommodating artworks that artists usually bring along every VIVA-ExCon, and is for sale

This is one of my favorite art works I saw there...For more info about the event please Click Here
Uswag Lambigit Bisaya! Uswag Lambigit Bisaya! Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Sunday, November 30, 2008 Rating: 5

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