Internet User's Guide for E-Commerce Policies

I remember about a few days ago I was plurking and I stumbled a post/plurk by Ms Janette Toral of Digital Filipino dot com. She is giving away a free copy for interested bloggers but there is a catch so for more info click Here. She is the Author of the book Blogging from Home. This book is the first in the E-Commerce for Entrepreneur's Series.

When I heard about E-Commerce, I simply assumed that it was just the same with normal commerce but the difference is that it is done in the internet. But when I started blogging and got into its related activities such as SEO, Internet & Affiliate Marketing and of course E-Commerce, well I was very much wrong. When I started researching more about it, the more I got curious. I haven't had an in-depth read about e-commerce but hopefully I can learn more through this E-Commerce for Entrepreneurs.

Here is a preview of the book's contents:

* Chapter 1: Introduction
* Chapter 2: Becoming an I.T. Policy Advocate & Lobbyist

* The E-Commerce Law
o Chapter 3: E-Commerce Law
o Chapter 4: E-Commerce Law IRR
o Chapter 5: Rules on Electronic Evidence

* SME Policies
o Chapter 6: Financing for Information Technology Build-Up (SME-FIT)
o Chapter 7: Government Procurement Policy Board Resolution No. 07-2006

* Consumer Protection
o Chapter 8: Data Log Retention of Telecommunications Traffic (NTC)
o Chapter 9: DTI Administrative Order #8: Prescribing Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Data in Information and Communication Systems in the Private Sector
o Chapter 10: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Circular No. 542: Consumer Protection for Electronic Banking
o Chapter 11: Consumer Protection Guidelines (NTC)
o Chapter 12: Advertising Standards Code
o Chapter 13: Internet and Mobile Advertising Code of Ethics

* E-Government
o Chapter 14: DTI-DOF Joint Administrative Order #2: Guidelines Implementing R.A. 8792 on Electronic Payment and Collection System (EPCS) in Government
* Chapter 15: Copyright
* Chapter 16: Cybercrime
* Chapter 17: E-Commerce Policy Implementation Challenges
* Chapter 18: Moving Forward

Although I am not an IT Professional and I just started blogging a year ago, I am very much interested in starting my own online business in the near future. This book would be very much helpful to me for we all know that the Philippines' Technology adaptation is very low due all our political-social and etc. problems that we have. This would truly be helpful for any young entrepreneur starting-up an online or offline business or any internet user.

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