Kool Adventure Camp @ GSP

We had our Kool Adventure Camp for 3-days last January 24-26, 2009 which was sponsored by the RAFI (Ramon Aboitiz Foundation) through YMA-3 (Young Minds Academy). The KAC (Kool Adventure Camp)is a youth leadership formation program that espouses experiential adventure-based education. Participants are taught how to apply the skills, concepts, and attitudes they have learned from the camp to future life situations as well as to individual and team performance.

It was held at the GIRL SCOUTS OF THE PHILIPPINES CAMP (Camp Marina)which is still in Capitol Hills below the BSP Camp. Some of our activities were held at Punta EngaƱo. We did all sorts of stuff in day 1, I had to wake up early and arrived late (As usual) and was practically drained of energy at around 11:30pm that night, but it was all too fun (If there is such a thing as too fun).

We had orientations, getting-to-know activities, challenges, obstacle courses, reflections, team and trust building activities (Sorry can't specify since it would be bad if future batches would know all of the activities >:D ) Such activities are not just for students or kids but it is also good for business organizations and public institutions to enhance and foster teamwork, trust, leadership, cooperation and friendship.

Special Thanks to the Following: (CAMP 188)
Batch 2 (Jan 24-26)
Gen 1 Team 1 - Taylor
Gen 1 Team 2 - Franklin
Gen 1 Team 3 - Freud
Gen 1 Team 4 - Montessori
Gen 2 Team 2 - Shakespeare
Gen 2 Team 4 - Newton
Gen 2 Team 6 - Da Vinci

Even if we didn't finish due to some unfavorable circumstances, it was still a win-win situation since we gained more friends, strengthen bonds, learned a lot and had an experience of a lifetime. Always see the hand behind the event!
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  1. AHH sports minded...

  2. the important thing is that your okay now.. tsk2x

  3. nys.... be climbing my own ropes soon... hihihi!:D

  4. It was really a great experience..sayang wala nahuman namo waaaaaaaaa

  5. i love joining this kind of activities

  6. wooooooooow season 3 diay kas yma...

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  8. waaaaaaaaaaaaa...love thiS kinD of adventUre,,,