Moymoy Palaboy Success

Moymoy Palaboy is the new Youtube phenomenon and they don’t even have to sing their way to stardom… instead… they do hilarious lipsynch of famous songs that can bring the house down! They have spoofed songs such as Wannabe, bohemian rhapsody and many more which can be found in their Youtube Channel Here. Moymoy Palaboy debuted on the Internet in February 2007 with their refreshing update on the art of theatrical spoof. Giving their work a natural, raw appeal was the fact that the video was shot in austere surroundings, the cramped living room of their Pasay City apartment.

They are the Obeso brothers, Roadfil and Moymoy. In a short span of time they have amassed more than ten million views in YouTube. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect fame. The best thing is, they just do it for fun...Here is a sample, Wannabe by the Spice Girls:

Truly, success comes in the most unexpected made me think of doing a business in which I liked and at the same time fun, who knows success just might be hiding around the corner...and who knows if they could take advantage of making money online..they would be millionaires, i'd say.

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  1. idol jud nako ni sila.. hehe... bai i was able to peek their friendster account. haha... galeng ko noh? weehh... but i nver touched anything.

  2. Yes they are not good singers, but really good performers.. B-)

  3. @downloader kewl!!!!!!!! patudlo nya ko ana!!!

    they are funny...truly!

  4. kewl! paytera ani nla oi! hahaha..