Philippines to require license for Online Content

This is one of those things classified as “Only in the Philippines junk.” They require us to get a license just to post online content? But what is classified as Online Content Really? That would pretty much include Youtube, Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, myspace, the list goes on and one… Under the proposal’s extremely broad definition of a content developer, you would need a license just to comment on this post. (I have known about this for a while and I just found my draft that was to be posted!! Crap!)

So in lay-man’s terms you would need a license to post a picture, upload music, post in your blog, comment on a blog?, post videos in video sites, and the like? This proposal is really confusing or just plain silly? It makes me think there is some sort of hidden agenda behind this. I mean what the hell are they thinking, Social Networking is Free, blogger is free, wordpress and the like are even free.

National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) released a memorandum requiring all content developers to secure a license from their office before such content can be made available to the public. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is a regulatory agency providing an environment that ensures reliable, affordable and viable infrastructure and services in information and communications technology (ICT) accessible to all.

“Contents, information, applications and/or electronic game providers, contents developers, information sources, applications developers, and electronic game developers are required to have a commercial presence in the country and shall secure the Certificate of Registration (COR) from the Commission.

The registration fee is 300 pesos with a one-time fee of 6,000 pesos. The COR will be valid for a maximum period of five years. Applicants of the registration may opt to apply for shorter periods, and not shorter than one year.”
See the memorandum Here. FYI:(1$ = Php45-47.00++)

I mean seriously are they high or on drugs or something? This is seriously classified as an “EPIC FAIL.” What the eFF? Is this some sort of hidden stimulus package for our economy? Or just some money making strategy for our supposedly democratic government? Who knows…

I would like to get some reactions of other bloggers outside the Philippines? Is the online community in the Philippines Doomed? other than the Philippines, what about other countries?
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