Quantity or Quality: Additional year for college courses?

Addin and Additional year for college courses (Nursing, education & the like) would pretty much be a burden these days. They picked the wrong timing and all to do this, I mean there are lay-offs everywhere, a looming recession and economic slowdown. As far as I know, I think our country is one out of two countries (In which I forgot) that has adapted a 10 year basic education program, unlike other countries' 12 years. We have been "Exporting" workers for about almost or more than a decade now, and so far filipinos are considered to be one of the best workers out there in the global arena.

Although the courses affected would be nursing and education courses, who knows if this pushes through other courses might be considered as well. The question comes in, do we add more years (quantity) to our curriculum or enhance its contents (Quality) rather? I'd say it all comes down to the Least cost, with the most advantages and the highest quality. It is reasonable and cheaper for students if they just enhance or properly align the subjects of the mentioned courses. The same would be true for all courses.

I mean, we already had quality nurses even before the "Nursing Boom" Abroad as well as for the teachers. If they wish to provide quality of education, it would be much better if they adapt the curriculum to the current needs of society and industry.

All we need right now is an update in our curriculum, in order for us not to be left behind by the world in terms of best practices in nursing, education and other courses as well, i'd say.
Quantity or Quality: Additional year for college courses? Quantity or Quality: Additional year for college courses? Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Thursday, February 12, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. actually i am not in favor of this sh*T! ila lang gipakita na nawong sila money! hmp! additional bayranan sa mga parents..tsk2x

  2. Botswana is the "other country" you forgot :D