I want to be a student...

Well I have wrote once before about my Graduation Dilemma post. Those who will go through Graduation this 2009 will be entering into a recession, a global at that. Now that I have graduated I feel I want to continue schooling, I am even thinking of either taking a second course or even a master's degree, or maybe some short term courses.

I truly felt this sink in when I was one of the panelist for the lower years in Industrial Engineering for there "baby thesis." It felt really weird to be called / addressed "Sir" or even "Engineer" by my former school mates and even my professors. Now, it's job hunting time and I have already applied for 2 jobs on the net and 2 which would require face-to-face application.

I want to be a student, because I want to learn at the same time work. I do not want to specialize, I want to be well rounded so that when one goes into business, i would know enough of the basics.

Given the current state of the economy it may not be surprising that many of my peers are looking away from business to fulfill their career goals and turning to careers in science and medicine, or nursing or what is Supposedly "Uso." Well i do not want to talk about helping our fellow filipinos and our country since it would be redundant.

A lack of financial literacy and sound business practices have got us where we are, economically speaking. But small businesses drive a lot of job creation, so it's even more important now that we the youth learn business and financial management skills, many have said they have changed their career plans "to a job that is more secure" and then save some money and then invest...you don't have to go at it alone, you can do it with others and what is more important is to take risks and learn formally and informally the necessary things you need to succeed!!

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  1. same with me...i still want to be a student maybe for short term course..and f granted,pursue my masters degree in marketing management!waaaaaaah...but now,i need a job!!!

  2. hahahaha.. hey.. we Filipinos are used to this economic crunch.... since when did our country stepped out of a crisis.....

  3. sir! you need to work so that naa kay ipangsupport if ever moproceed ka for masters or the like! awkie? hmp

  4. given the condition of country right now, it is best for you to do business in line with your specialties. with that, you are of great help to our fellow Filipinos and to the Philippines.
    in short, panundog nako! mag-open ug akong own resto! pero soon pa sad. hahaha

  5. Engaging into business would not be such a good idea either. With the global economic crisis do you think it will be such a nice move to put up a business? Huge business establishments are even closing down! Think again :)

  6. well, we're forever students man, right? coz being one doesn't end with graduation, it's non-stop.. hahaha..
    "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert KIyosaki, ring a bell? he he, just want to share it XD

    btw, congratz! you're an official engineer na diay! :) ha ha!
    good luck with the job-hunting XD

  7. why not? it depends on the kind of business one engages to. yes, i know there is an economic crisis right now and many big companies are closing down, but that does not hinder one to engage in business. If there's a profitable market for the said business, regardless of the economic condition, then why not go for it?
    -a response to the second anonymous

  8. well, there are a lot of jobs out there..it's just a matter of how you look for them; strategy..when i was looking for a job way back, i had a goal to only take a job which is in-line with my course (CompE from USC-TC)..it took me 5 months to find that job and now i am enjoying it..it only takes patience, perseverance and PRAYERS..