Maximize your Potential: Going Beyond your Limits

Maximize your potential: Going Beyond your Limits about increasing your capacity to be more and achieve more. It is also about inspiring you to take that God-given capacity and unleash it to the world despite the obstacles that you may face.

Maximize your potential: How to Go Beyond Your Limits is a book authored by Mr. Eduardo Pilapipl Jr. who is an author, Motivational Speaker, and an entrepreneur. He has more than 15 years and has spoken in conferences and seminars for different nonprofit organizations, small companies, and large corporations. He also offers business and life coaching with more than 3000 hours of experience.

We had this seminar which was sponsored by our guidance center and school for graduating students. At first we didn’t like to be combined with the nursing since the auditorium became too crowded, hot and not really a conducive environment for a seminar. The 1st speaker was a nursing board exam top-notcher and I couldn’t really relate to what he was talking about.

Then came Sir Ed, and we totally forgot how hot, noisy it was if we simply focused our attention to him. His talked was based on his book with the subtopics/action plan in maximizing your true potential:

1. Understand Yourself
2. Be Passionate
3. Hunger for Knowledge and Wisdom
4. Develop Your Inner Strength
5. Have People Support Groups
6. Be Serious About Your Goals
7. Always Have a Plan
8. Take Vigorous Action
9. Self-Evaluate and Adjust

The seminar was great and to be able to attend a seminar in which the speaker had so much experience locally and internationally, was a God Send. We learned a lot from Public Speaking, Job Application, to Power Memory.

For more information, you may visit his sites: Entrepreneur Coach, Life Journey Coach, Power Memory, Review Masters and Motivation Coach.
Maximize your Potential: Going Beyond your Limits Maximize your Potential: Going Beyond your Limits Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Friday, March 06, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. This seminar was the great one.This is the best seminar I've attended.All the students were amazed. I even started to realize that I do have potentials and I just have to believe on it. I'll be making my own post about this seminar after I got my camera.

  2. It is good to know that CIT has conducted a seminar like this for graduating students. During our time, we didn't have this. Your batch is so fortunate to have such inspirational talk before you graduate. Somehow I believe it can help as to which career path you should be pursuing and what to do with your life. Welcome to the real world and congrats to all graduating students !