Everything is Connected

Mountain barangay Guba and Inayawan Dumpsite

Everything is connected, we are all connected. We are connected through people, our food, action, our environment and we are connected for we are all humans. If we do not help/educate others in caring for the environment, uplifting there system of learning/education, we will be affected by their mistakes directly, indirectly or if not in the long run the next generation will be affected.

We just had our learning visit in YMA-3 and we went to many areas here in cebu. Most of us are in denial because most of us cebuanos know of these information/problems but we simply let it get in in one ear and exits in the next hear as if it does not concern us.

We went to many places starting in the Barangay sapangdaku and we then visited the day care and elementary education situation in that mountain barangay. Then we went to the Napo Elementary School, to CITE, to USC-South Campus, Bethlehem House of Bread School then to the Inayawan Dumpsite and we stayed for a nightn in barangay guba with the mang-uumad there and lastly to barangay combinukot and back to RAFI.

We visited such places to learn our current educational and overall systems being applied and practiced in the area. We went to places with positive and then to negative, rejected, unwanted places/conditions. Most of us are caught up in our own problems that we simply forget the old saying "No man is an Island." Which do you think is easier? Solving your problems all alone or with others?

Everybody has problems and bad times, but we must not sacrifice the good times for those bad times. In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

There is nothing more to be said..a picture is worth a thousand words, I'd say.

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  1. I miss Fr. John, maybe we could pay his day care center a visit some time.:)

  2. bai iggy, nisulod mo sa amo school? hehehe CITE?