Holy Week Reflection

What a weird week I'd say...I have never been consistent in not eating meat for a week unlike this recent Holy Week. Well i wasn't able to participate during Palm Sunday since we had our 2-day Learning Visit in Young Minds Academy. Aside from that, we had our visita iglesia with a different set of church destinations.

Well I had tried when I was little to do the traditional visita iglesia with the use of our good old feet and it was exhausting for a child. Now, we used our car to drive around various location from the provincial town churches to city churches. It was fun and nice to see many people from different places offer themselves to GOD.

After that part, we then went on to attend the Good Friday adn Black Saturday Easter Vigil Mass. I had attended before the Famous "SUGAT" sa Minglanilla when it was still held right directly below the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church but these days it was now held in the National Science Highschool in Minglanilla - Open Central Grounds which attracted more people locally and abroad. This is so for it has now been converted in to the "KABANHAWAN FESTIVAL."

Although I didn't attend it again this year, I still got a lot of insights from the Good Friday and Easter Vigil Homilies. The various insights I got from them are as follows:

92% of what we worry about does not happen and the remaining 8% is just manageable.

On Perspective: We are not afraid of heights, but rather of falling; Not afraid of the dark but rather of what’s in it; Not of People, but of being rejection; Not of Love but rather fear of not being loved back.

On Love: How do you hold love? With an open hand and heart & mind ready to forgive and let go

But what if it hurts? Then your doing the right thing!

The Best asset a person can have or possess is not a mind full of knowledge but rather an ear ready to listen, a hand ready to help, and a heart open to love.

Gifts are given in order not to be kept but rather to be shared.

Quite A lot...I didn't realize this when i was texting them all down in my Cellphone and I think I almost got scolded for texting these learnings/reflections in my phone by my mom..
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  1. it's good that you were able to do the visita iglesia. wla jd tawn mi. we just had confession and attended mass. and prayed the rosary. :)

    and char, the lessons you learned were great. ahehehehe. :P

    angkul igeh! (worship)

  2. it's good that you were able to participate in the Holy Week activities..as for me, i just stayed at home 'coz my husband had work and i'm not allowed to go out alone since my tummy is big and i easily get tired..i used to hang out with my grandma during Holy Weeks but life really is different when you get married..;-)

  3. i don't know if we had visita iglesia in our place. per i think wala.. we just attended mass lang..

    i love this one, "The Best asset a person can have or possess is not a mind full of knowledge but rather an ear ready to listen, a hand ready to help, and a heart open to love."

    hahaha... i don't know why hapit ka nakasab-an ng aimu gi-text.. hahaha