Alec Baldwin's Mail order bride from the Phillippines Joke

There was the comment on us Filipinos being a nation of servants, and now a nation of mail-to-order-brides. Alec Baldwin's joke about getting a Filipino mail-order bride provoked a sharp response in the Philippines, with one senator saying that the celebrity faces violence if he ever visits. In a May 12 interview on "The Late Show" with David Letterman that he would love to have more children. The US actor said that he was "thinking about getting a Filipina mail-order bride at this point ... or a Russian one." (See you tube video Here)

Philippine Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr. said that Baldwin's comment was "insensitive and uncalled for" and an insult to millions of Filipinos. He called the actor "arrogant" and said he is apparently unaware that the Philippines have a law against mail-order brides. "Let him try to come here in the Philippines and he'll see mayhem," Revilla said, using a local idiom that implies the speaker will personally administer a beating.

Sen. Bong should know this has been a plight of many filipinas. He himself has a few mistresses, so who’s the one destroying our country’s morality, shouldn’t public servants serve as “Role Models” to our youth and its people?

I dare Mr. Baldwin to comment more about Philippines so as to get our government's attention. When other “races” comments on our shortcomings, we immediately say that it is a racist remark and some over-reacts to it. To be honest, I’m not offended by something which has basis. It’s ironic that a public servant listens to those who are not citizens of our country and yet our own screams for improvement and the addressing of our current situation and problems fall on deaf ears.

Dear mister senator sir, why don’t you try searching on any search engine for the keyword “Mail order bride from the Philippines” and you’ll see a very clear evidence of such a reality. Try to check online dating sites and you will see a lot of Filipina profiles wishing to marry a guy from another side of the world. These Filipina women are always ready to spread their legs when opportunity comes their way.

You say we have laws against that, we know all these laws that are passed but the fact of the matter is, where in heaven’s name is the implementation (Same goes for other laws, statutes and the like that lacks proper implementation)? Don’t tell us that “Kulang ang Budget,” if there is a will, there is a way! Can Sen. Revilla focus on something more important than over reacting into something like this? What about Education, Environment, Unemployment, Corruption, Culture Crisis, Values, Poverty, Health Care? Are these not important, if not more important?

You can do better to help the nation than exert effort on something like this. Do your job, if not do more than what is required of you on your job description as senator and stop this hypocrisy (These applies to all other public servants). Don’t go on blaming other people for our realities and problems; if one would see it in a different perspective, who is the racist and the less educated, alec perhaps it is true that we Filipinos are the only race in the world who is cruel to its own. It's not just the senators' part, but we must act as well.

It’s just sad, not only that there is a lack of jobs here in our country but the lack of quality education and more problems as stated above, you’d be surprised to see that even some parents of these girls are encouraged to post themselves on the internet.

“Para lang maka-asawa ug foreigner ug para makadali ug kwarta para dili na kabus or pobre, kaysa mag nurse nalang kung di mag D-H sa gawas!”

Naunsa naman tawn ni, Kwarta nalang jud bay makapabuhi nato, wa nay lain? Whatever happened to good old HARD WORK? Are we forever cursed to being CRABS?



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  1. U know how to suck pipl in wile they read. bravo! haha. :D

  2. waaaaaaaaaaa! ambot lang gyud ani.. basta naigo ani ako hayskul friend na naa sa US karon nagpuyo..malooy ko nya

  3. Iggy: What if the comment is "Mail order groom" do you think the reaction of the public would be the same ?

    Another thought what if it was Katrina Halili who did the video recording instead of Hyden Kho ?

    hehehehe just thinking about the possibilities . . . .:-)

  4. "Spread their Legs" ang term? haha, if i know, they really react on things that could enhance their own popularity.