ANC Leadership Forum analysis

I watched the ANC leadership forum on television. I even watched the replay the next day so that if I missed something on what they said I can write it down or something. The Ateneo de Manila University hosted "Countdown to 2010. An ANC Leadership Forum" which was held at the Leong Hall last May 11, 2009.

At the very least this is a step forward, regardless if the right questions weren’t asked it gave us some glimpse of what they plan to do, and where there focus as to addressing the issues of our country. And MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando, Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay and some others who were invited but did not join for reasons they only know; well personally they missed an important opportunity to show first the people that they do not cower to a friendly forum and an opportunity to express their focus or platform if ever they would run for president or some other position in government.

Senator Chiz Escudero

Education was his emphasis or focus as to the needs of the country. And he was still doing his opposition comments on the current administration. What I admire about the guy is that he speaks in Filipino, in which I believe we do less and less everyday (Taglish, bisaya-english..etc. - Native languages included). Because of this, I am forced to focus on him and listen diligently when he speaks, because if you don’t, you will not understand a thing he says.

Senator Richard Gordon

He has a track record, and his gibberish moments are very much bothersome for me. But I salute the guy for he has a point as to the things he answered during his turn to speak was given:

“Kailangan natin maglikha ng bagong mukha ang bansa para kilalanin tayo iuplift ang human dignity and uplift the standard of the people.

Baguhin ang attitude – aim high!

Ang presidente ay hinihikayat ang kanyang bayan na kumilos

The greatest error of age is to believe that experience is the substitute for education. The greatest error of youth is to believe that education is the substitute for experience; kailangan mo pagsamahin yan may education ka at experience dapat.”

Governor Among Ed Panlilio

Well, I can truly say he is the most sincere among his counterparts in the forum, but what bothers me really is that, he is a Priest still. I am not saying that he is not qualified to run, the training for being a priest is strenuous in such a way that it requires focus and discipline. Having to turn away from that is simply mind boggling for me, a priest after all is a moral figure in a community but what happens if that priest gains power in politics? He is still human after all…

I do not have the right to judge him, it is his free will after all to do what he believes in and what he thinks is right, we can only wait and look to future and see whether he is able to achieve what he wants to achieve.

Senator Mar Roxas

I still could not figure this guy out. Is it just me? Because I still wasn’t able to see his inclination or focus as to what issue he believes that needs our utmost attention. With all due respect, his commercial is annoying me, I don’t get it, even the slogan; and he picked the wrong time to use it during his closing remarks.

Also, half if not a quarter of his given time limit was dedicated to his pending engagement to Ms. Korina Sanchez. And also, the Trisikad is a Trisikad, I don’t see anything negative about it, it is something that we can be proud of since I believe (Correct me If I’m wrong) it is something unique which can only be found here in the Philippines.

In other words, I am not satisfied with his answers..I wanted more...maybe he needed more time, well he talked about DTI..pero for me kulang parin? (I hope there will be more forums to come, to truly get to know them and their platforms..not just roxas)

Defense Sercetary Gilbert Teodoro

Well, I discovered that he is a Cojuangco which of course is one of the Elite Filipinos who are better off than the rest of Philippines’ citizens. And it’s no longer a surprise that he can fund for commercials and the like. But it’s just weird that he suddenly pops out during the Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton fight advertising the so-called programs of the Department of Defense.

I know that national defense is not limited to pirates, national security against terrorist and radical groups but doesn’t it also include defense against pandemics, typhoons, natural calamities and defense against our own deviant citizens? What has he done really? I most certainly am not informed about the things that he is doing.


I will take some points from them, I agree with Panililio with regards to family Planning, with Escudero as to our education system and with Gordon as to Filipinos needing a paradigm shift:

Family planning won’t be an easy feat but we do really need to discipline ourselves as to going forth to the world and multiplying. That statement might have been practical then since we humans weren’t that many during the time of jesus…but these days, multiplying uncontrollably is just plain irresponsible.

If our elders place little value in education, how will the children value it? If parents insist on sending their children to courses they have no aptitude in simply because it will earn for them big bucks, what kind of thinking will children develop with regards to education?

It has been said that many Filipinos are very talented, intelligent and skillful. However, why most of them are poor? Do you not wonder why Filipinos are deteriorating financially, morally and socially? We are poor, because we don’t believe we are rich. We are defeated by the way we think, because of poor mental attitude.

But then again, we still have problems as to our health care system, destruction and misuse of our natural resources, rising prices of goods, unemployment and many more…Such things aren’t the problem of our presidents but are problems for all of us, so regardless who runs or who wins, we still have a responsibility to ourselves and each other to make our community a better if not an excellent place to live in.
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  1. Gov. Panlilio should prove his worth in Pampanga before he dream to sleep and dine in Malacanang. And need to leave priesthood too. Anyway, he is not yet ready to lead the country. He is just popular because he is priest. He is not popular because he did best things.

    I pray, God guides him to get back to where he should be.

  2. oh my! what happen to Panlilio? i mean, yes he may have this right doings but i believe its not enough for him to sit in the malacanang.. he must show leadership and a sort of realization to the phrase "state and church are two different lines" -- hope he get it!

  3. I blame myself for choosing to watch Ron Howard's Angels and Demons after attending the Sunday obligation than going straight home to catch ANC leadership forum. The book is way way better than the film.

    Anyway, may I just point out that Among Ed is teaching and showing us right now the better way to lead. He maybe a priest but it doesn't mean he is incapable of running the country. Look at Pampanga now, I think it is a lot better than it used to be. I just can't understand why people keep on bragging that he is a priest! It's really a shame that a man who called them INEXPERIENCED is the one showing them the right way to lead. Stop bragging that Among Ed is a priest. There are law makers who are diakono and pastors (eg. Pastor Benny Abante of Manila)!

    We all need a leader who inspires. Maybe Chiz or Manny Villar inspire us but we should start digging deeper. Filipinos need moral transformation and a leader who can set a perfect example. We should start loving and helping our country. Nobody else will do if we don't.

    TO bugITs: What made you think that his right doings aren't enough for him to sit in Malacanang? PGMA, Erap etc are former senators. Look at where we are - ONE OF THE MOST CORRUPT and DANGEROUS NATIONS in the WORLD!

    TO batang buotan: Watch and read the newspaper. I say NEWSPAPER not a tabloid! It's about time for you to do some readings before making some BASELESS CONCLUSIONS!

    We need a leader that can TRULY AND SINCERELY LEAD. And on the never ending list of presidential aspirants, Among Ed is the ONLY one who falls in that category. He is the ONE and the ONLY leader that can set examples so he gets my vote.

    May God Bless Among Ed and the Philippines!

    AMONG ED 2010 - i BELIEVE!