Cebu Bloggers ning ATAKE!!

credits to clado for the title kay siya ang original ani...nyahahahah
Ang mga Cebu bloggers ning atake sa SM entertainment area para mu apil ug tan-aw sa ASUS Ultimate Overclocking Show 2009, which is a first in the Philippines. Ug gi atake pod sa daghan nga mga Cebu Bloggers ang Bigby's ug sa SM North wing pod.

Gi atake nila ang pagkaon mura wala pa kakitag ingon ato nga pagkaon...napagani uban nga nag round 2 you know!

The Asus Overclocking Show is a contest between two groups with four members and has previous overclocking experiences. They vied for the different cash and other prizes to be given to the winner for a specific criteria in overclocking. Six criterias are given for the scoring: Highest % Overclock, Highest CPU MHz, Highest Bclock, Highest memory speed (any timing), Highest 3DMark Vantage score in the overclocked system and Highest Super PI.

Believe it or not, I learned a lot about overclocking…at least I am no longer ignorant with regards to such terms even though I was nosebleeding half the show because of the terms the master of ceremony was saying.

After the ASUS Ultimate Overclocking Show 2009 last Saturday, the Cebu Bloggers Society was treated to dinner at Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant!

We got a buffet, gift certificates and some camwhoring moments and might I mention that the food was GREAT!

After the meal, there were a few CBS announcements, while some of us was still cam-whoring on the side then we said our parting words and thanks to the ASUS people. Some CBS friends went to shop for food and stuffs for their overnight activity at McBilly’s house. The rest stayed in one place and had some crazy talks specifically in the Northwing Atrium area.

Unfortunately for some of us, we had things to be done and we also parted ways with those going to the overnight session. And they went on to do some SNN worthy moments and situations!

Now You know!
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  1. haha naa diay nag-round 2 ato? ang drinks dili man to bottomless noh?. hehe

  2. hala! naa gyuy nagRound 2 .. murag naay round 3 sad sa? ehjehehe

  3. Hhahaha sa sunod muuban naka sa mga overnight... Unya nanang pagkawang gawa nimo... hehehe

  4. familiar lgi nang uban statements nimu dha angkul. asa nah gkan? hahahaha. XD
    others au ka! wah nanagad! hmph! hahaha. :P

  5. Sana may libre laptop :) LOL hehehe

  6. haha. para SNN moments d i to nga lakaw?heh

  7. si tanom to nag round 2...wahahhaah
    as for SNN moments it is in the eye of the beholder...hehehe

    @mikyuwk hunax2 ra na nimo master or pareha lang jud hunax2 mga IE wahahahah