CBS meets Senator Mar Roxas

The Cebu Bloggers Society and myself met up with Senator Mar Roxas at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in IT Park, i2 building last June 11, 2008 at around 6pm, a day before independence day.

Photo by: Jose Farrugia

Questions were raised by the bloggers and some stranded concerned individual who invited and helped himself in asking also his own questions directly to Mar Roxas. questions raised were concerning the issues on the wedding preparations with Korina Sanchez and what his main platform or agenda would be focused on if he would run for president this coming 2010 Philippine elections.

The Wedding is still being planned, and Mar has to do "pamanhikan" to 3 siblings and many other relatives since Ms. Sanchez's already parents have passed away already, Mar Roxas said. And for his platform, he cited 4 Pillars in which his plans shall revolve on.

First is to provide the basics such as food on every Filipino's table. And to solve that, we must produce our own food and invest in our long outdated agriculture by re-educating our farmers and providing them related support systems. Second is investing on everyone's future which is to have a quality education. And as far as how he is going to do and accomplish it, he said that it would be best to take things slowly but surely for you can't immediately solve problems by rushing things. Next is Fairness and Justice, that means faster and fair court decisions for everyone, whether you are rich or poor. And lastly tackling our economy for it would benefit everyone may you be in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao.

He also said that our no. 1 problem in the country is Graft and Corruption which is the link for all other problems like in education, health care and the like since graft and corruption hinders the total enhancement and development being done for these other issues.


I was thankful to have had an opportunity to listen to his answers which was raised by my fellow bloggers. Although I was not able to raise my own questions due to time constraints, at least now I know where Senator Mar Roxas stands. It definitely helped me in my decision making process in selecting a qualified Philippine President for this upcoming 2010 Philippine Elections.

Although I may not totally agree with everything the senator said, like we should totally focus on Graft and corruption and some other stuff but I also liked his answers as to the issues on federalism, and the slowly but surely approach towards addressing the issues our country is currently facing. It was nice to meet him overall, when he got in for a photo-op by I even accidentally stomped on his fingers but anyway he still shook my hand (Hey, It's not everyday you get to meet a senator you know!)

But I believe that uplifting this country is not to be placed in one person's shoulders, the senator must also consider that he will need all the help that he can get and empower the people to not wait to be told what to do to help their respective communities and solve their own problems. And at the very least with that, we can move forward faster, solve our problems a little faster and ultimately make each filipinos lives better.
So, is Mar Roxas in 2010 Elections your bet? Do you research first and Vote Wisely!
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