Journey of the Balangay

A replica of an ancient Philippine boat will be used to sail around Southeast Asia and possibly to Africa to promote Filipino pride and unity.

The replica of the balangay _ a wooden-hulled boat used in the archipelago about 1,700 years ago _ was built in 44 days by native Badjao boat-builders from the southernmost Philippine province of Tawi Tawi using traditional skills handed down through the generations.

The balangay is planned to travel every major port of the Philippines, Southeast Asia, Micronesia, and Madagascar. By 2012, they plan to sail on the Atlantic and all the way around the world. If all goes as scheduled, the balangay will drop anchor home by 2013.

The balangay would accommodate 20 people, with the Philippine Everest Team, coast guard personnel, medical officers and our traditional seafaring brothers - the Badjaos as part of their crew.

"The boat will leave Manila in mid-July after training at Sangley Point, a former U.S. naval base in Cavite province. Dr. Ted Esguerra, the group's medical officer, said the expedition will conduct medical missions in poor coastal communities during its stops. The group will also teach disaster preparedness, help protect endangered coral reefs, and plant mangrove trees to protect fragile marine life. Valdez said coast guard and navy vessels will monitor their trip and come to their assistance if needed. (AP)"

The balangay is a time capsule that carries the history of our people - Art Valdez

I can't wait for this boat to arrive in the ports of cebu, I will not miss it!!!!!!
I pray for the success of this endeavor...itaas ang bandera ng lahing kayumanggi!!
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  1. woot. cool post. naka remember pa ko sa ako history pag grade school