A 9th ray to the sun in the Philippine Flag?

The Senate and the House of Representatives early this week approved the addition of a ninth ray to the sun in the Philippine Flag to acknowledge the courage, bravery, and integrity of Muslim Filipinos who fought for our nation's independence.

While I commend the heroism of the Muslim people, adding a ninth ray to the sun in the Philippine flag in their honor would serve as way for the other groups, like the Visayans, or other groups to argue for a ray of their own.

This is a grave disrespect to our heritage, a mockery! It's as if it is a lame-a** correction to our flag which represents a part of our history. United States of America changed it's flag four times (If I'm not mistaken) as new state/s were added. The United Kingdom also added new features in it's flag as the new kingdom (Great Britain) was united. But there is a big historical significance to it. We can't deny that the Muslim Filipinos played a major part in defending our homeland against Spain. But adding rays to the sun of our flag just for the sake of the so called unity is not enough.

Why not adding more pages of Muslim heroism, culture and history to our so-called history books. Or even include local heroes to be taught on different provinces. Through the enhancement of our educational system Muslim children will be able to see and feel the real meaning of Filipino nationalism, equality and unity. And What about the efficiency of simple quality services (Education, Health care, jobs & like) to reach our brothers and sisters down south?

I am no expert on this matter, But I am a Filipino and I have a right to my opinion on this one. 1st, what's the use of NHI if they will not listen and consider their position; 2nd, did they consider the general people's opinion? if so, where's the survey?; 3rd, can the government afford to buy new flags for government buildings and offices including public schools and the like places?; 4th, what about the Muslim community? what if they don't like a ray?; They they consider the cost of re-training or information drive to teachers and another alteration of history books just to explain this so called change/modification of our flag?; You could have used your time and money for other important matters.

The congressmen should have thought of adding the sun ray before 2009 because the possible passing of the bill's proximity to the 2010 elections betrays their intentions. Now it seems it is just a very obvious display of political gimmickry. Also, can't they focus on more urgent matters? Like, education, health care, poverty, law implementation creating special laws against abuse of minors in cybersex, climate change or a law that helps mindanao as a whole or something?

They should use their pork barrel to contribute to the Filipinos Urgent needs. The adding of the ray is just like creating another beautiful law which is not properly implemented; if they want unity don't just create a lame symbol, ACT UPON IT for that speaks louder than words or symbols!


Many are expressing mixed reactions to this move, some see it as unnecessary and expensive while others see its importance in fostering national unity. What do you think?

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  1. Hilarious! Even we got a hundred of sun rays to represent a hundred of (wawawawa) or ever a thousand of stars - it doesn't make sense at all. It just confuses students taking history courses. Besides, what's the use of modifying our national symbol when many of us don't even respect it? We even clash on how to sing our national anthem. Weird!

  2. wa ko kasabot kung nganu kailangan pajud nila pun-an.... they're trying to make another story which would later confuse the mind of young people..

    Kung ma presidente gani ka bai, tang-tanga nlng nang sun... ilisi na ug moon... nyok.