Philippines 2010 Presidential Election Results

Presidential aspirants for Philippine 2010 Presidential Election are starting to bombard the Filipino people with campaign ads on tv, print, radio and internet! Who do you think among the current so called Philippines presidentiables will win this prestigious position to lead our country?

I’m calling upon all Filipino citizens who are of legal age to be registered and cast their votes wisely to choose the next president of the Republic of the Philippines this coming Presidential Election in 2010.

The upcoming 2010 Presidential Election may be one that would make or break the Philippines and would be forever remembered in our History.

Let’s pray that the next Presidential Election this 2010 may result in an organized and peaceful execution of the electoral process in the Philippines. May the COMELEC be much prepared as well as those young volunteers to be heroes on this time! And hopefully for the 1st time, it will be automated! Lastly, may we filipinos choose a rightful candidate without making compromises..we need to move forward and be once again be the Tiger of Asia if not BETTER!

Stay tuned for the 2010 Presidential Election Results here (to be updated).
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  1. kalouy ug picture ni Erap... murag dili president.

  2. wew..politika napud.. ka bomb nlnd jud ani oi.. haha... d jd ko kbaw kng knsa ang ako pili-on o mo boycot nlng ko?

  3. @downloader ako jud na gituyo wagagagag

    @McCoolot ayaw tawn...its ur right to exercise ur freedom and kelangan kud ka mu vote ay automated bya so hightech!!! wahahaha

    @cant be read...thanks 4 visiting :)