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For some reason it was on September 9, 2009 where he announced at Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City Wednesday morning at the end of the 40-day period of mourning for his mother's death that he is running in next year's presidential election under the Liberal Party.

About Noy:

Noynoy is the son of democracy icon Corazon Aquino and the late Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., and brother of Kris Aquino. Here's an article about him from Bong Wenceslao's Opinion in Sunstar:
Subjectivism is getting hold of little information and then jumping to conclusion, like what some people are doing with regards to Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino’s capability and political record. There were those, for example, who claimed Noynoy did not author a single measure when he was congressman and now as a senator. Lots of bull.

Among the bills Noynoy authored or proposed: HB No. 4397, reinforcing the authority of DTI to implement consumer laws; HB No. 4252, which raises penalties for employers who do not comply with mandated adjustments in wage rates of workers; HB No. 4251, which gives yearly productivity incentives for workers in the private sector.

Noynoy was not nondescript as a three-term congressman like what some people say and even became deputy speaker of the House from 2004 to 2006. By the way, he has a degree in economics from the Ateneo de Manila University where he studied from elementary to college. He also worked in some organizations and private firms.

Noynoy not only suffered, like the rest of his family, from the incarceration of his father, Ninoy, during Martial Law but was almost killed when rebel soldiers ambushed him and his bodyguards near MalacaƱang in the 1989 coup. Three bodyguards were killed while he sustained five bullet wounds. A bullet is still embedded in his neck.

Noynoy is not a bum, after all.

Most of the people I've met and known, blatantly judge noynoy based from what media and there peers' perception say which is quite sad. It's as if one person says it, it is almost already a fact. People should do more research these days to get to facts and truth. To be honest, my 2010 bet before this announcement was quite divided between Mar Roxas, Richard Gordon and Chiz Escudero. My argument is simple really, it's not about qualifications, but character is whats more important.

He has not proven himself to be impressive in terms of qualifications, but what's impressive is his character's consistency. He is the son of ninoy and cory, and if it were other politicians' offspring, they would have jumped on the wagon early. But noynoy's scenario is different, he would have just immediately announced it before the 40 days of mourning if he was really riding her mother's bandwagon.

"Reason, Education, and Intellectual quickness are to be prized, but they are no substitute for good character, kindness and ethical values." - Jeff Jacoby

Ok, people want to put an economist as one of there chosen qualifications for running a country (Do I really need to argue on this? PGMA is an economist..bow); how a about a brilliant lawyer/lawmaker and an outstanding orator, perhaps a very intellectual personality (Ferdinand Marcos - he fits the bill, he did good things but more bad things); what about somebody who upholds the law? (We had a general - Fidel Ramos; as far as my memory goes...the dollar rate was around 20-24 and the jeepney fare was 2 pesos); How about someone popular, who can relate to the masses? (Erap - an actor/celebrity by his own right, I should have just added theif/convict as well); A family oriented person- We had a housewife (Cory - she was the mother of filipino democracy, nuff said); Business/Management Savvy? (Our country is not a one man show on top, we are a democrazy este democracy); So How about we try someone untainted yet untested, honest and values driven?

Is it Noynoy? That's a yes for me..not enough qualifications? well my guarantee is that noy won't destroy the reputation his father, mother and family has built. By family I mean Ninoy and cory's family, not the extended. Do I have something against the extended? not really but there are some wherein noynoy is being compared to, but bare in mind that noynoy was brought up by his mother and far, he has fulfilled his promise to his father in taking care of his sisters and mother.

But if you think you need someone more intelligent, then ponder upon this: Highly intelligent people are perfectly capable of monstrosities, nuff said.

And lastly, we must not forget that we, the people of the Philippines must also play and do our part. Not just by voting, but by also getting our hands dirty, by that I mean by being a good and productive citizen. Do not expect that who ever is elected, it is there sole responsibility to make your life better. Take note, by my estimation around 1-2% maximum are public servants out of the almost 90 million inhabitants and citizens of this great country, and if we work hand and hand we can finally bring this country forward. But if those who are elected abuse there power, then bare in mind also that we the people outnumber those who are in power. LABAN!
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  1. kung kilala niyo si noynoy you would pick another president,lets show our love for cory by voting wisely