How I spent my birthdaysss

It was also International Coastal Clean-up day during my birthday. My birthday as every year passes is like the "BER" month phenomenon. The BER month is the beginning of the long celebration of the Philippines' holiday/Christmas celebration and just like the ber months I am expecting an extend birthdaysss. Why? well here comes the November Holidays which would most likely have a small reunion with extended family members that would greet and hopefully GIVE something. Then there's the Holidays then New year then February events. Hahah based from past experience someone I know who were unable to greet on the day would remember and greet me even though its super late (from septemnber to february)! But I do appreciate it, THANKS!

Greeting Methods:
Plurk, Facebook, Friendster, Yahoo Messenger, Face-to-face, Blog Visitation/Comments, Landline, SMS, Twitter

Special Thanks to the people who greeted me (Advanced, on the Day and belated):

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Peter Delantar, Paolo Gandionco, Leiv Erickson Chen, Neil Jason Casas,

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Arthur Mamitag, Ivy Rafols, Fratri Edson Silva, Lordie Grace Garcia, Frances Cuyos, Abigail Joy Cesa, Marisse Paraoan, Alexa Cecilia Aguipo, Rhyle Clifford Sayat, Janemarie Semblante, Vernie Naraja, April Rose Gavaran, Tiny,

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Johanna, Fatsy, Christine, Osy, Sheris, Ethel Jo, Maxie, Chilaah, Diome

Janette Toral, Jomer Gregorio, Mariel Amodia

Mom, Dad, Sis, Donalyn, Cuzins, Aunts, Uncles…hahaha daghan au sila?

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Although it wasnt the PERFECT BIRTHDAY, there is always next year and the year after that! Ug Dagahang Salamat sa pag hinumdum sakong adlaw....bisan late nani na blog post :D
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