Teacher's Day in the Philippines (Araw ng mga Guro - Adlaw sa mga magtutudlo)

Teacher's Day in the Philippines (Tagalog:Araw ng mga Guro – Adlaw sa mga magtutudlo) is actually celebrated in schools between the months of September and October (mainly elementary and secondary levels). Teachers are presented with orchid corsages by students. Groups of students representing various grade levels perform short skits or song and dance numbers, or read poetry for their teachers in front of fellow schoolmates in school-wide activities. These activities are planned by senior students in the Student Council who coordinate the activities well in advance. For Filipino-Chinese schools, a program is usually organized by students for teachers on September 27, while September 28, considered as the actual Teacher's Day, is a school holiday where both teachers and students are allowed to rest. September 28 was chosen because it is known as the birthday of famous Chinese philosopher Confucius.

By Presidential Proclamation No. 479 DECLARING SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2003, AS "NATIONAL TEACHERS’ DAY." For some universities in the Metro Manila area, Catholic Teachers' Day is celebrated on the second week of February.

I remember my High School days whenever teacher’s day comes around. Yes, my school then was SHS-J (Sacred Heart School – Jesuits) did a long ceremony in the morning. The normal prayer, National Anthem and 'panatang maka-bayan' was done but w/ some exemptions, no teacher was around. Technically, Teachers Day in my Alma matter at the time begins usually a month before for the Student Council and about 1-2 weeks for senior students. The student council usually prepares and coordinates the whole senior students for the one day celebration and the Admin usually prepares their own activities such as a holding of mass before the actual teacher’s day celebration.

The seniors do not have classes on that day and all the teachers too, but the rest of the student body has. The Seniors are 'student-teachers-to-be' for a day and assigned to a Teacher to coordinate with and ask what they are to discuss on the day of the celebration. They do this for about 1-2 weeks or so preparation while taking normal classes. This is unique celebration wherein seniors who are graduating pay there tribute to teachers for their hard work and dedication. Well hat’s easier said than done, I’d say.

As far as I remember, this was one of the best practices and/or traditions I know that is very unique. I don’t know whether my Alma matter still does this but it proves to be a good experience for senior students. It gave me a glimpse on what insane preparation a teacher does before going to class, and add to that, speaking in front of students (In which I really suck at the time). One whole day of crazy, fun and awesome experience taught me a lot and made me appreciate our teachers even more.

Fast forward to college, I delivered a speech of thanks to our college teachers in our ringhop ceremony in which I shall share with you, an excerpt:

In order to succeed, we must first believe we can; but how can we believe in ourselves when no one believes in us first? Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow students, dear parents, that is the role of our beloved teachers. It is to believe and help us become more than what we are and also to be able to develop our potential….

Teachers affect eternity; they affect eternity because to teach is to touch lives forever…..William Arthur Ward said… “The Mediocre teacher tells; The good teacher explains; the superior teacher demonstrates; And the great teacher Inspires” …

And then, messages of thanks…
See complete speech HERE.

And for some reason, when graduating through college, I join Young Minds Academy Season 3 in which the theme at the time was on 'Education.' With the experience I gained through Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.'s program, I learned a lot about education and of its current challenges that are unique to the Philippines. I usually reflect and think that these are signs to a calling, a calling to the education sector, perhaps one day I too, will become a teacher? :D Or I'll just help in it's enhancement :)

World Teachers' Day 2011:
Since 1994 World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5 October. It is an opportunity for UNESCO and Education International to celebrate the profession and to promote international standards for the teaching profession.

The United Nations' (UN) World Teachers' Day celebrates the role teachers play in providing quality education at all levels. This enables children and adults of all ages to learn to take part in and contribute to their local community and global society.

To all teachers, Happy Teacher’s Day and I salute your efforts in molding the minds of our country’s future!
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  1. Thank you teachers! I did the same during teachers day (in Santa Maria Goretti College). As high school senior I experienced 'being a teacher'.

    Once I never dreamed of becoming a teacher but I was 'just awaken' teaching young college students, then to a reading remedial classes in high school department. My view on teaching profession has changed. Teaching is not just a profession but a vocation as well.

    I missed teaching. I missed my students. And it always make me proud when a former student buzz me to say hi and asked me when should I teach again. Soon, I told them. But I still don't know when.

    Happy teachers day!

  2. Yes, they're still pacticing it. SHS-J, I mean. ;) And yeah! We have our own version of teacher's day in STC. It's a one-day celebration. That usually happens around February (on or before Valentine's day, if my memory serves me right). I've been a "teacher", too! Junior teachers are 3rd year and 4th year students who are chosen by the teachers themselves. It's an honor if you get chosen. Well, it was for me, anyway. Haha! :D

  3. is teacher's day a holiday??

  4. lol, you copied some in wikipedia..