REALITY gave me a slap on the face – part 4

“Not all battles are designed for you.. so know what you're getting yourself into.. or you'll end up defenseless in a battle that was never really meant to be yours from the very beginning..”

Believing that I was very prepared going into this program was a well crafted illusion created by my mind. This slap pretty much was the BIG REALITY CHECK that I needed. I was practically lost, no longer driven to lead, excel and serve. But from that one day, the slap practically woke me up. I am pathetic, reserved and playing too safe; thinking that life is good and beautiful (nothing wrong with that but I was just too satisfied for my own good).

My blog posts no longer had “Meat” in it, my work performance is sickening compared to what I was capable of doing, and not knowing how dull I was. From those 2 speeches that was given my the president and VP of RAFI, it would seem the lord almighty planned it. I also saw a lot of signs before hand (due to my carefree state I guess) like stuff happening around me for some reason came “FIT” perfectly as though there was a hand directing them but I just ignored it despite me seeing it over and over.

This sign I would like to call “BIBLE x2.” Well there was a week wherein everything I read, heard and seen had reference to the Holy bible. That means that whenever I see, hear, read and did something, the word BIBLE popped up in my head. I am currently reading an old self help book which uses lots of references from the bible. When I go into the internet world, I am greeted by a “Word of the Day” email from Mrs. Carol Go-Ballesteros from the Abotiz Group. When commuting in the jeepney, sometimes when people talk about something, for some reason they suddenly move to something religious then Bible pops in the head again and lastly at work where people talk about infidelity, there problems, relationships and the like my brain automatically recalls the Bible, its as if someway somehow I must read the bible. And indeed I have started to, but the challenge now lies in maintaining it.

No matter how much you plan for your life, something unexpected happens. If you think you’re prepared to go to battle, think again. The only way for one to be secure is to Let go and Let god. Believe in your abilities and leave the rest to god. It is he who can make the impossible, possible; if you don’t get what you want, he will give you something better or a better plan in store for one’s future.

It was the Best of times, It was the worst of times - I CANNOT GUARANTEE VICTORY, BUT WE SHALL MEET IN BATTLE NONETHELESS..

How we live our every day life shows a lot of our true character. For most of us, daily life is not exciting, just some routine things and some free time to do some extra fun stuff that we like. However, this is where the true battle is. That graduation ceremony just summed up my current state, I WAS AFRAID. Afraid of the ending of the program, afraid of the REAL WORLD wherein business is cut throat and mistakes aren’t tolerated and afraid of going out of my comfort zone, in this game, battle and war called life.

Everything has it’s time and place, so don’t worry if you don’t get what you want right now. And it is quite true indeed. Now, I got a sign from above that he is watching over me and my family. All that is required of me is to continue moving forward.

Now…the fight continues…

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  1. mypa mg.pari nlang ka angkul. ahehehe. :P anyway, in.anah jd nang life. you never know wat's in store for you. you just know it's there. move forward nlang angkul. you will be okay. :)