Smartmatic-TIM Automation Demo

The Smartmatic-TIM Automation Demo in which I attended was last October 10, 2009 (So this is my last delayed post :D) in Cebu Business Hotel. Smartmatic-TIM Automation Demo was really educational for me and my partner "Mei Li Wu" whom we were the so-called representatives of RAFI "daw" for that event since most of them were attending another event of the Aboitiz Group which was a Tree Planting Activity.

This Smartmatic-TIM Automation Demo blog post shall be one of the first series of posts regarding the Philippine 2010 Automated Election. In my own way, I shall attempt to share information through my blog on the things that I learned during that Smartmatic-TIM Automation Demo.

The first speaker of the demo, is Bonifacio Belen the regional manager here for Smartmatic and the 2nd speaker was Miguel Avila the technical support manager of Smartmatic-TIM. The conducting of Smartmatics –TIM and Comelec officials of a lecture on the Automated Election System was a great opportunity for me to explore and analyze their system and to see & try the machine.

New and old voters might be a little intimidated by the fancy technology used for the 2010 Presidential elections. However, the new automated process is being employed for quick, easy, and transparent counting that should minimize fraud. Hopefully, this quick guide on how to vote in an automated election will make the procedure less confusing for you.

This coming May 2010 will be the 2010 Philippine Elections. This will be the first time that I will be exercising my right to suffrage-vote. Hopefully, the coming election will be automated and will not use the usual pen-and-paper system that Filipinos have been using since the beginning of time. The Automated System in the 2010 Philippine Elections is a big step towards change in the Electoral System but it is never an assurance that it will eliminate cheating in the coming Philippine Elections, so we citizens must be vigilant and steadfast on any suspicious people and individuals.

It was a great experience and hopefully I could share to you the following: Ballot, PCOS machine, Overview of Nationwide overall system, and the like information.

I am sure there will be more Smartmatic-TIM Automation Demo in the future since the one I attended was already the fourth one in cebu. So stay tuned for more information about such events.
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  1. i agree, there must be Smartmatic-TIM Automation Demo in some other provinces so that people will know more about this machine...

  2. How could they teach voters who can't even write when they are only conducting demos at hotels and other areas exclusive only for chosen people?
    I am into automation but as the pre-implementation goes I don't think they can successfully implement it.
    They must prioritize people from mountain areas and other secluded places who do not even have the chance to touch a computer keyboard.